Saturday, October 5, 2013

Top 10 College Songs

David Grellier (left) performing with Electric Youth.

Alex at And So It Begins... recently posted his updated top 10 M83 songs list, which offers him a lot of inspiration. I have the same connection with College, David Grellier's electronic act whose track "A Real Hero" (ft. Electric Youth) was famously used in Drive. If I want to be inspired, I listen to College. I go back and forth on the rankings, but I love every track on here. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions:
"Critical Mass" (from A Real Hero EP), "Secret Diary" (from Secret Diary), "Answers" (from Northern Council), "Un long sommeil" (from Heritage), "The Drone" (from Teenage Color EP)

10. "Les automates" (from Heritage)

9. "TWA Flight 450" (from Northern Council)

8. "Gate Number 5" (from Secret Diary)

7. "White Mosaic" (from Northern Council)

6. "She Never Came Back" (ft. Electric Youth) (from Secret Diary)

5. "A Real Hero" (ft. Electric Youth) (from A Real Hero EP)

4. "My Secret Romance" (from Teenage Color EP)

3. "Tscheljabinsk" (from Northern Council)

2. "I Think About It" (from Secret Diary)

1. "Teenage Color" (from Teenage Color EP)


  1. Cool to learn about which music inspires you! A Real Hero is a fantastic track, I fell in love with it during Drive like everyone did. Of the other tracks here, I also dig your number 1 choice Teenage Color.
    I recently listened to the 2013 album by College, my favorite on that was “Revelation”.

    1. Thanks, Chris! It was fun going back through their tracks and trying to narrow down my favorites.

      Glad you dig Teenage Color! It's been my ringtone for almost 2 years.

      "Revelation" is a good track. My only problem with that album is that many of the tracks sound like reworkings of their earlier songs. Maybe that's because I listen to their earlier work more.

  2. Really dug these tracks man. Thanks so much for opening my eyes to their talent. Rock n roll!