Hello. My name is Josh, and I love movies (from Hollywood classics to international new releases) and the Academy Awards. This blog consists of my random thoughts on films I've seen, as well as some Oscar coverage. I do reviews, lists, best-of posts, Oscar stuff, and anything else that pops into my head. Generally, it's just randomness, with reviews and Oscar-related posts thrown in.

Contact Info:

Email: classicblanca@yahoo.com
Twitter: @classicblanca
Letterboxd: classicblanca

Running Features:
  • Consider - A plea for a film (or an element of it) that will likely be overlooked in the upcoming award season.
  • Decades - What started as my award winners in a given decade has turned into a full ballot of my personal nominees, posted one year at a time on Fridays.
  • Double Feature - Specifically looks at two Best Picture Oscar-nominated films I've seen recently.
  • Five Films in Five Words - Five films reviewed in only a word apiece.
  • Movie Song of the Week - An original movie song highlighted weekly.
  • Oscar Campaign Bust - A brief look at films that've campaigned unsuccessfully for Oscars.
  • Oscar Oddity - Obscure Oscar facts and statistics.
  • Vs. - One film is pitted against a related other one, and I determine which one "wins".



  1. This is one of the best blogs I've seen! In design as well as content. Kudos to you!

  2. Hey Josh,

    I was wondering if you are currently taking guest submissions for the site. It looks like you've done it in the past. I'm looking to stretch my writing on film, though I primarily write in tech and science.

    Get back to me: arzemelo(AT)gmail(DOT)com and we'll talk. Thanks man!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'll email you about it.

  3. Josh, I love your blog....I check it out every day! And I love seeing personal awards from other people, especially yours (and Fisti's!)...
    I thought about creating my own review blog (or site), and I want to provide current reviews along with recently watching classics...And I'd love to create my own awards, but where do I start? There are so many older films I haven't seen! Do I start with a particular year and watch as many as I can find? Or just start watching and reviewing films and create my own awards in time? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Eric! I can't wait to update all of my awards to images like Fisti!

      Hmm... it depends on what works best for you. Fisti watches a certain amount of films (50-100 depending on the year) before doing his awards. I've been catching up - as best as I can - on a year every week, which doesn't give me time to fully catch up on my weaker years. (As such, I may update a few of my awards posts once I see some of the big films I couldn't get to before posting.)

      I'd suggest creating awards for newer years first, since you probably don't have as many films to see. Then you could go year by year, but you could always randomize the order, like Fisti does. Thanks again for your comment. Hope that helps!

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