Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Favorite Films of Each Year: Part 3

Yeah, that's on here.

Most of the 1990's titles I saw on VHS, but the 2000's and 2010's are titles I saw in theaters. Note: All of my favorites are different now, which is a very good thing in most cases.

1990: Home Alone

1991: Beauty and the Beast

1992: Aladdin

1993: Free Willy

1994: Angels in the Outfield

1995: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

1996: Space Jam

1997: Jungle 2 Jungle

1998: Simon Birch

1999: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

2000: Chicken Run

2001: Pearl Harbor

2002: Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

2003: Shanghai Knights

2004: The Passion of the Christ

2005: Sin City

2006: United 93

2007: Disturbia

2008: The Happening

2009: Taken

2010: Shutter Island

2011: Hanna

2012: The Dark Knight Rises

2013: To the Wonder

Check out all of my current favorites on the Top 10 lists page.


  1. Ha, I know it's bad now, but it was first favorite back then. In my defense, I was only 11 when I saw it.

    The worst film ever? I'd easily put Twilight and Popeye ahead of it.

  2. Haha I loved Pearl Harbour too but that was more because of my massive crush on Josh Hartnett. Bonus points for including Space Jam. That's still probably my favourite sports movie (don't really like sports movies, or sports).

    1. Thanks. I haven't seen Pearl Harbor in years, but Space Jam is kind of awesome.

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this list is EPIC in it's awful greatness! I love that you are so open about this. It's so funny, because we obviously were in love with the same stuff when we were kids. FREE WILLY FOREVER! LOL, that movie is so bad, but when I was a kid it made me cry. I still remember dancing to the Michael Jackson video that played before the movie in the VHS tape. I watched that movie almost every day.

    1. Thanks man. Free Willy!! Did you watch the original trilogy? Good times. Yes, that MJ video was a must-watch beforehand. :)

  4. I'd also put another of your "first faves" as worse than "Pearl Harbor": "Attack of the Clones."

    If you were 11 when you "PH" came out, I'm curious how "Passion of the Christ" became the fave movie of a 14 year old. That choice just seems to stand out to me.

    Also curious about what your current faves of those years are.

    1. I actually still like Attack of the Clones, even if it is bad in parts.

      When Passion of the Christ came out, I saw it 3 times and considered it the first great film I'd seen that year. I know it's a shift from the other kinds of films I loved, but it just happened that way.

      My current favorites of the years your mentioned: Amelie ('01), Spirited Away ('02), and Before Sunset ('04). Needless to say, my taste has changed.

  5. I'm not sure if we had awesome taste or terrible taste when we were kids, because your early 90's favorites look exactly like mine would've. I have a soft spot for Simon Birch, I love that movie, but it is kind of terrible. I will never be ashamed of loving Space Jam though. That movie was awesome.

    Passion of the Christ surprises me though. I never think of it as someone's favorite movie. I just remember working at the theater when it came out, and people would constantly run out into the hallways sobbing because they couldn't handle what was on screen. I've never seen another film do that.

    1. Simon Birch made me bawl my eyes out. Loved it growing up. Space Jam!!! Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes? What's not to like?

      Passion is definitely not a film that's enjoyable to watch, but I thought it was just so great. I haven't seen it in years, though.

  6. No shame in loving Home Alone. In fact that's still in my top 10 of 1990.
    I wonder if you can say anything positive about Phantom Menace today? For me those Star Wars prequels have waaay too many special effects :)

    1. Yeah, I still love Home Alone.

      Haha, I'd actually give all three Star Wars prequels 3/4 stars. I grew up loving SW, so I'm biased. ;)