Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Films I Saw in July

My favorite superhero movie ever.

Like Stevee at Cinematic Paradox, I think this is the most films I've ever seen in one month.

The Best:

1. The Dark Knight Rises - ****
2. A Short Film About Love - ****
3. New York, New York - ****
4. A Short Film About Killing - ****
5. Aguirre, the Wrath of God - ****
6. Saraband - ****
7. Margaret (both versions) - ****
8. Carrie (1976) - ****
9. We Need to Talk About Kevin - ***1/2
10. Camera Buff - ***1/2

More after the cut.

The Rest:
The Accidental Tourist - ***
Albert Nobbs - **
Alien: Resurrection - *1/2
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse - ***
The Amazing Spider-Man - **
Butterfield 8 - **1/2
The Flowers of War - **1/2
Heaven Can Wait (1978) - ***
The Last Temptation of Christ - ***1/2
Moonrise Kingdom - ***1/2
New York Stories - ***
Pieces of April - ***
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - **1/2
Salvador - ***
Savages - ***
Serpico - ***1/2
Ted - *1/2
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - ***1/2
To Die For - ***1/2
To Rome with Love - **1/2
21 Jump Street - ***
W.E. - *

All the President's Men - ****
Apocalypse Now - ****
The Artist - **** (This might just be my new favorite film of 2011.)
Batman Begins - ***1/2
Casino - **** (This is now in my top ten of all-time.)
The Dark Knight - ***1/2
The Dark Knight Rises (2 rewatches) - ****
Following - ****
Insomnia - ****
M - ****
Mirror Mirror - ***
Mogambo - ***
The Night of the Hunter - ****
Oliver! (in theaters) - ****
The Prestige - ****
Rocky - ****
Shame (2011) - ***1/2
Singin' in the Rain (in theaters) - ****
The Tree of Life - ****

Special Mention:

Rather than rank this film by my blogger friend Alex Withrow (And So It Begins…), I thought I'd reiterate my brief thoughts on it. This wonderful film "succeeds on so many levels. The visuals are inspired, the performances natural, the music haunting, and the mood wonderfully restrained." Watch this gem here or here if you haven't already.

52 Films Watched - 33 New, 19 Rewatched

8/2 UPDATE: I checked my Letterboxd diary, and I actually saw 55 films (36 New, 19 Rewatched). I forgot to add After the Wedding (****), Akira (***), and Reality Bites (**1/2).


  1. 52!!!!! You crazy.

    I notice you ony gave 3 stars to some of your rewatches, whats the cut off point for getting a second viewing for you?

    1. 52? That's nothing. Trevor at Northwest Movies saw 55 last month. The cutoff for a rewatch would probably be 2 stars. For instance, I could see myself rewatching The Amazing Spider-Man, even though I gave it 2/4.

    2. Ahhh you're a 4 star man. I can see why 3 stars would get a rewatch. How did you decide on 4 stars and not 5 or 10?

    3. I've used 4 stars for years, probably because Roger Ebert has always used 4 stars. Now, I'm getting addicted to Letterboxd, and I'm considering switching everything to a 5 star scale on here. If I go back and do that, I'll post an update in the sidebar or something.

  2. A lot of 4 star ratings, so looks to have been a good month!

    Saraband, sequel to Scenes of Marriage. I have that on my watch-list. Tv-movies often don't do it for me, however I've heard a lot of good things about it, including your rating here.

    I'm glad you mentioned Camera Buff,I've been waiting to see it for ages, and just found it on youtube ( :

    What was The Dark Knight Rises like on rewatch, just as great?

    1. Saraband was great. It had a theatrical release in the U.S. in 2005, so I tend to forget it was a TV movie.

      Camera Buff is an essential watch.

      Having watched it 3 times in July, The Dark Knight Rises was even better on a 2nd and 3rd viewing. I caught so much more of the minor (but crucial) details, and I admire the script even more. For me, everything essential to the story was clearly laid out and executed brilliantly. Plus, I really fell in love with the entire film, and not just the second half.

  3. I'm surprised by how much you loved The Dark Knight Rises. I thought it was great, probably the best superhero movie of all time. And I really must watch Casino, actually I also need to watch New York New York.

    1. I love all three of those films. Believe me, I'm probably the most surprised that I loved the film as much as I did. When I rewatched the first two Batmans, they didn't hold up well. I'd now rank them at the bottom of Nolan's filmography.

      TDKR was what I've always wanted a Batman movie and a trilogy conclusion to be. It was dark, epic, fast-paced, and completely engrossing. I mean Gotham was literally crashing down around these characters. Everything was on the line. It was more epic and more satisfying than Return of the King to me.

  4. God I feel so bad I only saw about 14 movies last month, I should really cut down on TV Series :) Glad to see TDKR is also your favorite superhero film!

    1. Don't feel bad. You've got your studies going on too. I'm trying to nail down a full-time job, but that's all I've got going on right now, so I've got more time to watch movies at the moment.

  5. Nice month. Ooh, you saw some great films. Pleased to see some Kieslowski ranked high.

    1. Thanks. I'm surprised I didn't have Kieslowski's Short Films ranked at the top, but I completely fell in love with The Dark Knight Rises. Hopefully, I'll get to No End, Blind Chance, and The Scar this month.