Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Cinematography: 1940s

1940: The Long Voyage Home (Gregg Toland)
Oscar winner: Rebecca (B&W),
The Thief of Bagdad (Color)
Was this film nominated?: Yes

1941: Citizen Kane (Gregg Toland)
Oscar winner: How Green Was My Valley (B&W),
Blood and Sand (Color)
Was this film nominated?: Yes

1942: The Magnificent Ambersons (Stanley Cortez)
Oscar winner: Mrs. Miniver (B&W),
The Black Swan (Color)
Was this film nominated?: Yes

1943: Day of Wrath (Karl Andersson)
Oscar winner: The Song of Bernadette (B&W),
Phantom of the Opera (Color)
Was this film nominated?: No

1944: Double Indemnity (John F. Seitz)
Oscar winner: Laura (B&W), Wilson (Color)
Was this film nominated?: Yes

1945: Leave Her to Heaven (Leon Shamroy)
Oscar winner: Leave Her to Heaven (Color),
The Picture of Dorian Gray (B&W)

1946: Duel in the Sun (Lee Garmes, Ray Rennahan and Harold Rosson)
Oscar winner: Anna and the King of Siam (B&W),
The Yearling (Color)
Was this film nominated?: No

1947: Black Narcissus (Jack Cardiff)
Oscar winner: Black Narcissus (Color),
Great Expectations (B&W)

1948: The Red Shoes (Jack Cardiff)
Oscar winner: Joan of Arc (Color),
The Naked City (B&W)
Was this film nominated?: No

1949: The Third Man (Robert Krasker)
Oscar winner: Battleground (B&W),
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Color)
Note: The film won the 1950 Best Cinematography Oscar.

Updated: 9/10/14


  1. OMG, YES TO ALL!!!!

  2. I don't remember story in Black Narcissus, what I do remember is it had gorgeous cinematography. At least half of these I'm ashamed to admit I haven't watched yet, thanks for reminding me about them.

    1. Haha. Don't worry about it Chris because there's plenty I haven't seen. You're welcome!

  3. Wow, so, the '40s was a gorgeous decade. I'm not sure I could disagree with any of your picks. Nice work!

    1. Thanks! I think you could come up with great picks from any decade. ;)

    2. Ha maybe. But some of the ones you're picking are ones I forgot about. Or at least forgot the exact year they came out.