Friday, September 5, 2014

1930 CinSpec Awards

Since I'd only seen four films from this year, I had to cram in almost twenty films in a little over a week to see most of the year's biggest ones. Thankfully, several of this year's films are ninety minutes or less. I did manage to make images for twelve of the categories, so I'll update the rest later. Note: You can click on the images to enlarge them.

I still need to see films like Westfront 1918, The Three from the Filling Station, The Tale of the Fox, The Doorway to Hell, Journey's End, The Big Trail, The Royal Family of Broadway, Street of Chance, Borderline, The Night's Wife, Ladies of Leisure, and The Unholy Three.

All Quiet on the Western Front
The Bat Whispers
The Blood of a Poet
Monte Carlo*

Abraham Lincoln
The Blood of a Poet
The Blue Angel
Monte Carlo

Abraham Lincoln
The Blood of a Poet*
The Blue Angel

All Quiet on the Western Front*
The Bat Whispers
The Blue Angel
The Dawn Patrol
Hell's Angels

The Blood of a Poet
The Dawn Patrol
Hell's Angels*


  1. Look like you had your hands full with so many to see from that year!
    Only seen a couple of them, though The Blue Angel, L'Age d'or, Hells Angels, and Earth are on my watchlist. I love Blood of a Poet for its dream-like atmosphere.

    1. Yeah, it was a challenge, but I'm very happy with my ballot. Under the Roofs of Paris, which I hadn't seen before last week, is actually in my top 100 now.

      Those are all worth a look. The Blood of a Poet just missed my Best Picture lineup. Once I saw that, there was no other choice for Best Director.

  2. I've seen...nothing from this year!!! OMG!!! These look great though...I need to check all of these out.

    1. Haha, doing this year should be interesting, especially when it comes to finding photos for some actors. Hope my picks steer you in the right direction. ;)

  3. Great picks man. You know, this reminds me that I have to see Hell's Angels. I seriously can't believe I've never seen it!

    1. Thanks pal. Ha, I've had Hell's Angels on DVD ever since it was released when The Aviator came out, and I only just watched it the weekend before last! It's flawed, but I was hooked by the end.

  4. I hadn't realized how thin my viewing of this year was until I tried to compile a list. I have some catching up to do! We're close in our acting winners.

    All Quiet on the Western Front-Winner
    The Blue Angel
    The Dawn Patrol
    Hell's Angels
    Journey's End
    I love Hell's Angels, even if the acting leaves something to be desired and the other three are good films but Western Front was such a powerful viewing experience for me I can't imagine another winner.

    Howard Hawks-The Dawn Patrol
    Howard Hughes/Edmund Goulding-Hell's Angels
    Lewis Milestone-All Quiet on the Western Front-Winner
    Erich Von Sternberg-The Blue Angel
    James Whale-Journey's End
    Again Hughes innovation with Goulding's assist was a great achievement but Milestone guiding hand created a masterpiece.

    Lew Ayres-All Quiet on the Western Front-Winner
    Lon Chaney-The Unholy Three
    Gary Cooper-Morocco
    Walter Huston-Abraham Lincoln
    Emil Jannings-The Blue Angel
    Huston is a staunch Lincoln, Jannings a great tragic figure and I was tempted to give this to Chaney as a cumulative award but Ayres was so good in anchoring the massive Western Front I had to go with him.

    Louise Brooks-Prix de Beaute
    Joan Crawford-Paid
    Marlene Dietrich-The Blue Angel-Winner
    Greta Garbo-Anna Christie
    Barbara Stanwyck-Ladies of Leisure
    All fine work but Dietrich's selfish wanton was a revelation at the time and stays so to this day.

    Supporting Actor:
    Wallace Beery-The Big House
    Douglas Fairbanks Jr.-The Dawn Patrol
    Edward Everett Horton-Holiday
    Ian Maclaren-Journey's End
    Louis Wolheim-All Quiet on the Western Front-Winner
    Again all excellent performances but Wolheim matches Ayres classic work, his death shortly after this was a real loss to cinema.

    Supporting Actress:
    Mary Astor-Holiday
    Marie Dressler-Anna Christie-Winner
    Beryl Mercer-All Quiet on the Western Front
    Marie Prevost-Ladies of Leisure
    Marjorie Rambeau-Min & Bill
    Mercer is terrific as Paul's mother in Western Front but it's too bad ZaSu Pitts who filmed the role originally had to be replaced due to audience reaction. Conditioned as they were to her as a comdienne they laughed despite her reportedly powerful performance. However Dressler is a wonderful counter balance to Garbo's air of ennui.

    1. Nice picks. Glad to see Hell's Angels in Best Picture and Best Director. It's actually my #4 ahead of All Quiet on the Western Front, which is #5. Most of the acting is subpar, but I love the film overall.