Wednesday, February 26, 2014

10 Things to Know Before the Oscar Ceremony

The 86th Oscar ceremony is only a few days away. Here are some stats and reminders to keep in mind for the event on Sunday.

1. Jennifer Lawrence could become the first lead acting winner to win a supporting Oscar the following year.

2. There's a chance that Alfonso CuarĂ³n, Steve McQueen (above), Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio (yeah, right), Spike Jonze, and Emmanuel Lubezki could all win an Oscar on the same night. How awesome is that?

3. Both writing categories will probably have first-time winners, which hasn't happened since The Social Network (above) and The King's Speech won three years ago.

4. If Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto (both above) win for Dallas Buyers Club, they'll be only the fourth male pair to win for the same film. (The other pairs won for Going My Way, Ben-Hur and Mystic River.)

5. Jennifer Lee (co-director of Frozen) will likely become the second female winner of Best Animated Feature Film. (The first was last year's Brenda Chapman for Brave.)

6. Barring a Christian Bale (above) shocker, the male acting winners will be first-timers, while the female winners could snag their second Oscars. If that happens, it will only be the second time that has occurred. (The first was when Jon Voight, Christopher Walken, Jane Fonda and Maggie Smith won in the late 1970s.)

7. If The Broken Circle Breakdown (above), The Missing Picture or Omar wins Best Foreign Language Film, it will be the first win for Belgium, Cambodia or Palestine, respectively.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, Brad Pitt and David O. Russell (above) could all go home empty-handed as five-time nominees. They'd get no sympathy from Roger Deakins and Thomas Newman, though, who will probably lose for the eleventh and twelfth times.

9. The Great Gatsby could go 2/2 if it wins Best Production Design and Best Costume Design. The 1974 version did the same, winning Best Costume Design and Best Original Song Score and/or Adaptation.

10. Pharrell Williams (above), Idina Menzel, Karen O, U2, Bette Midler and P!nk will be performing, and all four of last year's acting winners - even Daniel Day-Lewis - will be returning to present.

The Oscars air on March 2, 2014.


  1. Lesson learned, if you want Oscar nom/win for Costume Design, remake The Great Gatsby :)

    On a side note, Pharrell Williams' new album G I R L is out March 3, can't wait to give that a listen. Loved his 2013 tracks with Daft Punk and Robin Thicke.

    1. Haha. Who knows? Maybe Gatsby will be upset in both categories.

      Yeah, that album is on my radar as well. He was everywhere last year, but those two tracks are so catchy! :)

  2. "Jennifer Lawrence could become the first lead acting winner to win a supporting Oscar the following year." - I've just vomited in my mouth a little bit :)

  3. Great work here man.

    2. That would be In. Sane.
    7. I REALLY hope Broken Circle wins. I adored that film. (Though it’ll probably be The Great Beauty.)
    8. I can’t wait til the day Deakins wins any Oscar. But as for Sunday… yes, please, let it be Lubezki’s

    1. Thanks man. All I want to happen is #2... and a win for Before Midnight.

      I still need to see Broken Circle and The Great Beauty. Hopefully, I'll get to them before the ceremony.

      Deakins must win one, but it's Lubezki's time.

  4. Great stuff here Josh! I hope you don't mind if I link here from my Oscar post this weekend.

    1. Thanks Ruth! No problem. Feel free to link it. :D

  5. Some interesting anecdotes, facts and figures. I can see Leto and McConaughey claiming the acting honors...both very deserving. McConaughey is having an incredible time of it at the moment.

    1. Thanks. I'm wondering if McConaughey will really pull it off. He certainly can, but Dern, Ejiofor and DiCaprio will get a lot of votes too. I'd love to see a tie in the Best Actor category.