Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Films I Saw in June


The Best:

1. Lola (1962) - A
2. La Jetée - A
3. The Exterminating Angel - A
4. Inside Out - A
5. Mamma Roma - A
6. Requiem for a Heavyweight - A
7. Separate Lies - A-
8. Sundays and Cybele - A-
9. Il Sorpasso - A-
10. Cleo from 5 to 7 - A-

The Rest:

Bad Teacher - C
The Ballad of Jack and Rose - B+
Breakfast on Pluto - B
The Collector (1965) - B+
Emma (1996) - B-
Girlhood - B
Jurassic World - A-
Maurice - A-
Otello (1986) - C-
Pariah - B
Paul - B
The Secret Life of Words - B
Spy - B
Steel Magnolias - B
Strange Days - B-
Suddenly (1954) - B-
Virtuosity - B-
When We Leave - B


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - A+
The Goodbye Girl (1977) - A-
High Society - B
Jurassic Park - A
Jurassic World - A-
Life Itself - A
Lolita (1962) - A
Match Point - A+
Ratatouille - A
St. Elmo's Fire - B

38 Films Watched - 28 New, 10 Rewatched


  1. I'm drooling ALL OVER your top 10!

  2. Another great lineup from you. June was slow for me, in terms of movie watching. Without actually counting, I'm fairly certain I only saw about a dozen total and that includes a couple days where I watched 3 or 4 each.

    1. Thanks. I'm usually around 40-50 a month, but I've slowed down some in the past few months.

  3. I also just saw La Jetee last month. A interesting, unique work. You liked Requiem a bit more than I, Quinn and Rooney were good in it but I'm not a fan of either actor so perhaps that was part of it, still a good film.

    I like Emma a bit more than you, it's the only time I've ever enjoyed Paltrow on screen. It's not in the Howards End league but I'd rate it just about where you did Maurice. Sophie Thompson is so great as Miss Bates in it, she steals the picture.

    Steel Magnolias is a bit ramshackle in construction so I understand the grade but what a great cast and Sally Field tears it up as M'Lynn.

    1. La Jetee was wonderful. The person who surprised me most in Requiem was Jackie Gleason, who's probably my runner-up for Best Supporting Actor that year. Loved his performance.

      Emma isn't the best Austen work, and I've enjoyed Paltrow more in films like Sliding Doors and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

      Yeah, the cast is really good in Steel Magnolias, and I enjoyed the humor in the film.

  4. Yay!!! Match Point A+ :) Love that film, whereabouts would you rank it in Woody Allen's filmography?
    I'm dying to see Il Sorpasso because of the Sideways comparisons

    1. I'd rank Match Point near the top. Probably just behind Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Annie Hall.

      The Sideways comparison is interesting. Hadn't heard it, but it fits. Hope you get a chance to check it out.