Monday, July 27, 2015

Movie Song of the Week

Since Woody Allen’s Irrational Man is now in limited release, I’ve chosen a song from one of his older films. Broadway Danny Rose features an original track written and performed by Nick Apollo Forte, who plays a lounge singer managed by Allen’s Danny Rose. Released in a great year for movie songs, “Agita” was eligible for the Best Original Song Oscar, but the catchy song missed the cut in favor of pop songs from Footloose, Against All Odds, Ghostbusters, and The Woman in Red. Check out the song below.


  1. OMG! YES!!! I love this of my favorite Woody flicks, and I not only love this song, but I love what Nick Apollo Forte did with this performance and so wish he'd been Oscar nominated for it. Great choice, buddy!

    1. Thanks, buddy! Love this one as well, and Nick Apollo Forte gets 2 CinSpec nods for the reasons you mentioned. ;)

      By the way, I know you're busy, so thanks SO much for the comments!