Sunday, March 1, 2015

Films I Saw in February

The End of the Affair

The Best:

1. The End of the Affair - A
2. Two Days, One Night - A
3. Carlos - A
4. Felicia's Journey - A
5. The Homesman - A
6. Ratcatcher - A-
7. 7th Heaven - A-
8. Mr. Turner - A-
9. Tracks - A-
10. Stray Dogs - A-

The Rest:

Anonymous - C
Brokedown Palace - B-
Child's Pose - B+
Conspiracy Theory - B
Country Strong - B-
Dune - F
eXistenZ - B
Four Lions - B+
Hector and the Search for Happiness - B-
The Hurricane (1999) - B
In Old Arizona - C+
Infernal Affairs - B+
John Wick - B-
Jupiter Ascending - B
Life During Wartime - B+
Made in Dagenham - B+
Mother and Child - B-
The Past - B+
Payback - B+
Please Give - B+
Safe (1995) - B
Secret Sunshine - B+
Still Alice - C+


Birdman - A+
Enemy - A
Fight Club - A
Gone Girl - B
The Insider - A+
Le Week-End - A-
Lethal Weapon - A
Lethal Weapon 2 - B+
Magnolia - A+
The Talented Mr. Ripley - A+
Words and Pictures - B+

44 Films Watched - 33 New, 11 Rewatched


  1. Replies
    1. I had to struggle to finish it. The film is a noble failure, but it's still one of the worst I've ever seen.

  2. I love Birdman and Magnolia too.

    1. Glad you love those as well. I hadn't seen Magnolia in years, so I needed to give it another look.

  3. Uh... was it the David Lynch version of Dune?

    1. Yeah, I could barely finish it. I'm a Lynch fan, but Dune was awful.

    2. Lynch himself thought it was awful. Any extended cuts of the film is not by him.

    3. I saw the theatrical version. I couldn't stomach an extended cut.

  4. Another impressive run of films.

  5. I wanted to love The End of the Affair because of my love of Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes but I found it ponderous. Maybe it's the story because I found the older Deborah Kerr version equally blah. Glad to see you liked Made in Dagenham and Please Give. I'm looking forward to seeing The Homesman, it looks intriguing. Wasn't Dune just the worst!!! I walked out of the theatre when I made the mistake of going to see it on it's initial release.

    1. I watched The End of the Affair with no expectations, so I was surprised that I loved it so much. For me, it was melodrama done right. I watched Please Give and Made in Dagenham in preparation for making images for my 2010 awards. Amanda Peet in the former film is now in my Supporting lineup. I loved The Homesman. It really deserved more attention during the last awards season. Dune was horrible. It was hard to watch the whole thing.

  6. How did you like Moore performance in The End of the Affair?

    1. She was wonderful. I nominate her for that performance now.

  7. Great run of films! Love your love for Mr. Turner and Two Days, One Night. I've heard nothing but bad things about Dune, so rest assured, I won't be watching it any time soon.

  8. Oooh I really want to see The End of the Affair now. Funny but I watched two separate things w/ Fiennes and Rea in them.

    This reminds me I still need to see Magnolia too!

    1. Hi Ruth! The End of the Affair is very romantic, if you like that sort of thing. ;)

      You should definitely check out Magnolia. It has several great performances, and it's my favorite PTA film.

  9. Looks like you had a very good February!
    I need to watch The End of the Affair.

    1. If you watch The End of the Affair, go in with an open mind. It's very melodramatic, but I loved it.