Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Consider: Chappie for Best Original Score

Reviews for Chappie have been lackluster, but I enjoyed the film, despite a severe lack of discipline in the screenplay. The film is all over the place tonally, and it's a mixed bag overall, with some redemption in Sharlto Copley's dedicated mo-cap performance, as well as the interesting themes the script explores.

Though, the finest aspect of the film is Hans Zimmer's score, which adds so much emotion to the movie. I actually thought director Neill Blomkamp had re-teamed with Ryan Amon (Elysium's composer), but Zimmer, as usual, delivers a powerful score. While the film will be overlooked during the next awards season, Zimmer's wonderful score deserves some consideration.


  1. I'm not interested in seeing this movie but not surprised Zimmer delivered once again, I'd think that the score is far better than the movie! There seems to be a touch of Vangelis in this particular theme, or maybe it's just me?

    1. Yeah, I hear some Vangelis in there, too. You can't go wrong with Zimmer. :)