Friday, February 6, 2015

CinSpec Awards Updates

Mad Max is now a CinSpec nominee.

I've updated a few of my ballots with new films I've seen recently. After I post my 2014 top 10 list and the 2014 CinSpec Awards, which should be next week, I'm considering making this a semi-regular feature, as I plan to catch up on several years in the coming weeks. Listed below are the new films and their nominations.

1968: (ballot)

The Firemen's Ball

Best Picture
Best Director - Milos Forman
Best Original Screenplay (WIN)
Best Film Editing

1979: (ballot)

Mad Max

Best Film Editing
Best Original Score
Best Sound (Mixing and Editing)

1982: (ballot)

The World According to Garp

Best Supporting Actor - John Lithgow
Best Adapted Screenplay

1985: (ballot)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Best Art Direction

Note: I rewatched Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, which is already an '81 nominee for Best Makeup.

1996: (ballot)


Best Original Score

2010: (ballot)

The Tempest

Best Costume Design


  1. Great idea for a regular feature!

    1. Thanks! Knew you'd appreciate something like this. :)

  2. After seeing the trailer of the reboot, now I'm curious to see the original Mad Max :)

    1. Haha, that's why I finally watched the first three films. The new one looks great! :)