Thursday, February 19, 2015

10 Things to Know Before the Oscar Ceremony

Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the big event.

The 87th Academy Awards are only a few days away. Here are some stats and reminders to keep in mind for the ceremony on Sunday.

1. There's a good chance that all of the Best Picture nominees will win at least one award, which hasn't happened since 2007.

2. Alejandro González Iñárritu, Richard Linklater (above) and Wes Anderson - all triple nominees - could each win their first Oscar, with Anderson taking Best Original Screenplay and the other two splitting Best Picture and Best Director.

3. The big 8 categories (Best Picture, Best Director, and the acting and writing categories) will likely consist of only first-time winners for the first time since 2010.

4. Whiplash could become the second Best Picture nominee (after Traffic) to win four of its five nominated categories, but lose Best Picture.

5. Cinematographer Roger Deakins will lose for the twelfth time, while composer Alexandre Desplat (above) could potentially lose for a seventh and eighth time (for The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game).

6. Chances are The Grand Budapest Hotel's Milena Canonero (above) or Into the Woods' Colleen Atwood will win her fourth Oscar for Best Costume Design.

7. Jon Taylor and Frank A. Montaño have two cracks at Best Sound Mixing, as they're both nominated for Birdman and Unbroken.

8. Apart from the song nominees, there will be special musical sequences performed by artists like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Hudson (above), as well as Jack Black and Anna Kendrick.

9. John Travolta is presenting again. God help us.

10. Records will be broken. For instance, Birdman could be the first Best Picture winner without an editing nod since Ordinary People. Or it could become the first film to lose the Oscar, despite winning the top prize at the PGA, DGA and SAG, since Apollo 13 nearly twenty years ago.

The Oscars air on February 22, 2015.


  1. Replies
    1. He should totally present with Idina Menzel!

    2. Mwahahaha!! Your #9 is absolutely hilarious. Yes he should definitely present w/ Menzel!!

      Btw, you said Deakins will lose for the twelfth time, so is Lubezki a lock to win in Cinematography? I am rooting for him but poor Deakins!

    3. Haha, that would be a great moment.

      Lubezki is locked. Deakins, unfortunately, is probably in fifth place.

  2. Lots of interesting stuff to watch for. I'll especially be looking out for #10.

    1. I'm rooting for Birdman to win Best Picture, but I wouldn't mind seeing Inarritu, Linklater and Anderson win one Oscar apiece.

  3. Travolta is presenting... again? Yep, I still won't see the Oscars this year. I'm just not interested at this point.

    1. Haha, fair enough. I have to watch, even if I know I'll be disappointed.

  4. Good to see the academy are likely handing the big 8 categories to first-time winners. 1st time winner speeches tend to have more bite I think, at least from what I can remember. Looking forward to the show!

    1. Yeah, first-time winners are always nice. I tend to like the shorter, wittier speeches though.