Saturday, June 28, 2014

Top 10 Albums & Songs of 2014 So Far

Did Beck's latest make the cut?

These lists keep changing, but here are my favorites of the first half of 2014.


10. G I R L - Pharrell Williams

Hunter by Pharrell Williams on Grooveshark

9. Blank Project - Neneh Cherry

Blank Project by Neneh Cherry on Grooveshark

8. No Mythologies to Follow - Mø

Never Wanna Know by MØ on Grooveshark

7. After the Disco - Broken Bells

The Angel and the Fool by Broken Bells on Grooveshark

4. Turn Blue - The Black Keys

Year in Review by The Black Keys on Grooveshark

3. The Future's Void - EMA

When She Comes by EMA on Grooveshark

1. St. Vincent - St. Vincent

10. "Stay With Me" - Sam Smith

9. "SWIM" - Fickle Friends

8. "10 Lovers" - The Black Keys

10 Lovers by The Black Keys on Grooveshark

7. "So Blonde" - EMA

6. "Lazaretto" - Jack White

5. "Water Fountain" - tUnE-yArDs

4. "Rave" - Blondie

3. "Digital Witness" - St. Vincent

2. "Chandelier" - Sia

1. "Marilyn Monroe" - Pharrell Williams


  1. Awesome lists! My personal favourite album of the year is Ultraviolence, and my favourite song of the year used to be Shades of Cool, until I heard Lazaretto! I have to listen to the full album now! What are your thoughts on Ultraviolence?

    1. Thanks! If you like Lazaretto, you should check out Jack White's first solo album Blunderbuss. I'm not a big Lana Del Rey fan, but I like Ultraviolence. It would probably make my top 20 or 25 right now.

  2. I share your enthusiasm for albums by St. Vincent, Pharrell & Neneh Cherry. I read the bizarre St. Vincent album artwork pays homage to a favorite film of hers, The Holy Mountain (1973)
    I love "Marilyn Monroe" and "Digital Witness" :) Excellent roundup!
    By the way, do you have any other honorable mentions besides Ultraviolence?

    1. Thanks, Chris! Glad we agree on St. Vincent, Pharrell and Neneh Cherry albums and those 2 awesome tracks. :)

      Other honorable mentions (in no particular order):

      Nikki Nack - tUnE-yArDs, X - Ed Sheeran (growing on me quite a bit, actually), Glorious - Foxes, Luminous - The Horrors, Lost in the Dream - The War On Drugs (know you're a fan of those two as well), Sheezus - Lily Allen (still can't decide if I love or hate this, so I left it off), Music & Sports - Lune, Atlas - Real Estate, Sorry I'm Late - Cher Lloyd (guilty pleasure?), Morning Phase - Beck

      "Let Me Down Gently" - La Roux, "Shirtsleeves" - Ed Sheeran, "Pretend Believe" - HOLYCHILD, "Rather Be" - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne, "Get Your Sexy On" - Lovestarrs, "Whenever" - The Death of Pop, "Visions of You" - ROOM8 ft. Electric Youth, "Perfect World" - Broken Bells, "Jungle" - Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors, "Instagram Models" - Charlie Puth

    2. I've got some catching up to do :) Thanks for sharing the HMs

    3. No problem! Hope you find something you like. :)

  3. I love Mogwai but haven't heard that new album yet. Gonna have to check that one out ASAP.

    1. Hope you like it man. It might actually be my #1 by the year's end.