Friday, June 20, 2014

1992 CinSpec Awards

Since last week's post, I've finished the images for the ten remaining categories of my 2011 awards, and I've also done all of this year's categories again. Note: You can click on them to enlarge them.

I still need to see films like Benny's Video, Leolo, Passion Fish, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, The Long Day Closes, One False Move, Single White Female, Lorenzo's Oil, El Mariachi, Wuthering Heights, Poison Ivy, Bob Roberts, Singles, Hoffa, Of Mice and Men, Newsies, American Heart, Mr. Saturday Night, Far and Away, Love Field, Bitter Moon, Toys, Hard Boiled, Pure Country, Under Siege, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Life, and Nothing More…, and Gas Food Lodging.


  1. OMG! The Crying Game! Didn't you not care for that that much when I gave it all those awards? I thought I remember you saying you didn't think you loved it...but now you DO!!!

    Our Supporting Actress lineup is 5/5 and our Lead Actress is 4/5! We actually have a slew of the same nominees. Great year.'re like the Oscars to my BAFTAs (because no one wants to be the Globes).

    1. Actually, The Crying Game was in my top 10 of '92, but I hadn't seen it in over a decade. I needed to give it another look, so I rewatched it this week and LOVED it! :D (By the way, Whitaker and Richardson were *this* close to getting noms for it too.)

      Aww, thanks man! Yeah, I noticed we have a lot in common this year, which is never a bad thing. :)

  2. I'm REALLY unfamiliar with 1992, but I think I might've managed an Original Score nomination for Aladdin and maybe a VFX nomination for 'Honey I Blew Up The Kid'.

    1. Those are deserving nominees, for sure. It was a great year for scores. I had a lot that were very close to making the top 5.

  3. Watched Malcolm X recently for my blindspot, and loved it.Good to see you give it recognition that year!
    The makeup in Dracula is amazing, I agree. Oldman I would probably nominate, even though I admit your top 5 supporting actors category is already very strong.

    1. Malcolm X made my top 5 before I watched a few more films. I love that movie!

      I'd put Oldman in lead, but I find his performance a bit too grand for its own good. I usually like his scenery-chewing work though, like in Leon: The Professional and True Romance.

  4. Great picks! Supporting Actor and Actress are such spirited choices, and I love GGR nabbing Adapted Screenplay. Looking at your list, it makes it so clear how films from 1992 were so poorly misrepresented at the Oscars.

    1. Thanks pal! I love those performances so much, and GGR's screenplay is aces. 1992 films probably were misrepresented, but most of these films managed at least one Oscar nomination. Granted, 3 of my Best Picture nominees weren't nominated. :/

  5. After a couple of less than stellar years this one is overflowing with riches and I'm still missing some key films. It helps that several are historical dramas, one of my favorite genres. I had an excess of nominees in every category. But we're miles apart on our lists!
    I've seen the academy's winner Unforgiven and I'm indifferent to it. I'm a big Western fan but it struck me as more of the same and it's many awards puzzles me. The truly awful Scent of a Woman is just better ignored.

    Bob Roberts
    Enchanted April
    Howards End-Winner
    The Last of the Mohicans
    A League of Their Own
    Other worthies: The Crying Game, Of Mice and Men, One False Move, A River Runs Through It, School Ties
    Really a three way race for me between the kinetic Mohicans, the enchanting April and the richly textured Howards End. I'd be happy with any one as the winner but whereas the first two are wonderful entertainments Howards End is full of mordant observations.

    Carl Franklin-One False Move-Winner
    James Ivory-Howards End
    Michael Mann-The Last of the Mohicans
    Penny Marshall-A League of Their Own
    Mike Newell-Enchanted April
    Other worthies: Neil Jordan-The Crying Game, Robert Redford-A River Runs Through It, Tim Robbins-Bob Roberts
    Even more than Ivory's beautiful direction of Howards End I love how Mann keeps Mohicans on the move, rarely pausing for a minute and sweeping the audience along on its big panoramic scale. However without great literature to fall back on Franklin drives what would seem a simple crime story into a compelling thriller.

    Anthony Hopkins-Howards End
    Steve Martin-Leap of Faith
    Bill Paxton-One False Move
    Joe Pesci-My Cousin Vinny-Winner
    Stephen Rea-The Crying Game
    Other worthies: Robert Downey, Jr.-Chaplin, Jeremy Irons-Damage, John Lithgow-Raising Cain
    Some really outstanding work, I think Hopkins is better here then in Lambs, he's my runner up. However Pesci turning his gangster facade on its head is a comic marvel and an easy choice for the win.

    Geena Davis-A League of Their Own
    Goldie Hawn-Death Becomes Her
    Josie Lawrence-Enchanted April
    Mary McDonnell-Passion Fish
    Emma Thompson-Howards End-Winner
    Other worthies: Catherine Deneuve-Indochine, Susan Sarandon-Lorenzo's Oil, Meryl Streep-Death Becomes Her
    So many rich leading roles for women this year but this is the one category where I agree with the academy's choice. Emma Thompson just captures who Margaret Schlegel is so completely.

    1. Haha, I love that our ballots are so different this year. That Pesci win is awesome, and I really like those Howards End wins. James Ivory is one of those directors whose films I really admire, but I've never found a place to nominate him for Best Director. Maybe I'll nominated him for Maurice once I watch it. Oh, One False Move is a major blind spot for me, as is Bob Roberts.

  6. Supporting Actor:
    Fred Gwynne-My Cousin Vinny
    Tom Hanks-A League of Their Own-Winner
    Andrew Lowery-School Ties
    Steven Waddington-The Last of the Mohicans
    James Wilby-Howards End
    Other worthies: John Malkovich-Of Mice and Men, Russell Means-The Last of the Mohicans, Brad Pitt-A River Runs Through It
    I prefer Hanks work here as the grizzled coach to either of his winning performances but would have loved to have handed this to Fred Gwynne for his wry final performance in Vinny.

    Supporting Actress:
    Joan Plowright-Enchanted April
    Helena Bonham Carter-Howards End-Winner
    Miranda Richardson-Damage
    Marisa Tomei-My Cousin Vinny
    Alfre Woodard-Passion Fish
    Other worthies-Jennifer Jason Leigh-Single White Female, Lori Petty-A League of Their Own, Vanessa Redgrave-Howards End, Mary Wickes-Sister Act
    There is such a deep well of choices this year that I was forced to leave out two performances that I really like, Redgrave and Wickes. Tomei has for years been assailed for her win but she is a force in Vinnie and her performance remains a joy no matter how many times the film is viewed. Joan Plowright handles Mrs. Fisher's slow reawakening with just the right touch retaining a bit of vinegar to her personality despite letting down her defenses. Alfre's no nonsense nurse finding a common ground with the difficult Mary McDonnell helps elevate the quiet Passion Fish beyond its simple orgins. I was inclined to award this to Miranda Richardson, her explosion is so raw and real in Damage that along with her fine, varied work the same year in both The Crying Game and Enchanted April she was certainly deserving. But HBC's Helen is so complicated of a character and the actress delves deep under her surface to show all those conflicts she's my choice.

    1. We're almost miles apart in these categories, but these lineups are pretty great. Hanks is a lot of fun, and HBC is terrific. I really wanted to nominate Miranda Richardson for something. She just missed my lineup - probably for Damage (though she was great in The Crying Game too).

  7. Just tried watching The Lover, was SUPER bored :/ Also the cinematography looked pretty ordinary to me. What about it made you give it the win?

    1. While it's been a while since I saw it, I remember the lighting and framing to be stunning in a lot of scenes. I wouldn't rate the cinematography among the decade's best or anything, but on the whole, I thought it was beautiful.