Friday, June 13, 2014

1982 CinSpec Awards

I didn't get any other CinSpec posts updated this week, but I did manage to make images for all categories in this year. Note: You can click on them to enlarge them.

I still need to see films like Burden of Dreams, Identification of a Woman, Passion, The Border, Querelle, Veronika Voss, White Dog, Lonely Hearts, The Entity, The Dark Crystal, Les Miserables, A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, La Truite, The State of Things, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Updated: 3/10/16


  1. Fine work Josh, you picked out some great images there! What a great year in film. Agree Ridley Scott deserves praise, as do W Herzog and W Petersen,outstanding work that year as well.
    I love the songs Cat People and Eye of the Tiger, but I know you are a big fan of Tom Waits, so that's fine :)

    1. Thanks Chris! Haha, I honesty could've given Best Original Song to any track from One from the Heart. :)

  2. You've got a lot of great picks here. I love that you have Annie in Costume Design. Her little red dress is so iconic, it deserves to be there.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Annie's dress is a very recognizable costume, and there's great work on the other characters too.

  3. OMG, so much YES here! E.T., Das Boot and Blade Runner pretty much run through my awards here too! Love your acting wins, and the fact that you nominate Young and Burnett! Rourke! Newman!

    But ew,,,Gossett Jr. and Lange (Tootsie) are kind of gross :-P


    1. YAY! I saw Shoot the Moon at the last minute, and I'm SO glad I did because Finney has a CinSpec now!

      Haha. Is it me, or is this year pretty weak overall? Gossett Jr. is my #5, so I'll likely replace him with someone else in the future. (Since I don't put comments on my images, they won't be hard to edit if I need to add a film/performance.) I like Lange's performance, but she's not a clear winner for me. Her performance in Frances just gives her the edge in Supporting. :)

    2. Overall, it is a pretty weak year. I have so much more to see though, so maybe it won't be so weak in the end.

      Finney and Keaton are both marvelous in Shoot the Moon. Love that movie.

    3. Yeah, I still have several films to see as well, but what else is new? ;)

    4. Huppert!!! I'm in tears. She's so incredible, right...that shift of character, all that she holds back and then BAM, so manipulative but in the perfect possible way. LOVE THIS!!!

      And obviously Winstone too :-D

    5. They're both terrific, and I really liked Coup de Torchon. I wish I could find room for Noiret in my lineup.

  4. Great graphics here Josh! Well Blade Runner is a cult classic and deservedly so. Did Rutger Hauer get a nomination? If not, then that's a shame. His 'tears in the rain' scene was so indelible!

    1. Thanks Ruth! No, Rutger Hauer didn't get a nomination. :( The 'tears in the rain' scene is my favorite one in the film!

  5. I'm one of those people who hate Blade Runner for being insanely boring so all my support is behind Das Boot for Best Pic with E.T. as my runner-up. That said, I'm perfectly fine with BR winning every technical award.

    Of the ones you haven't seen I'm most curious to see what you'll think of Dark Crystal and Wrath of Khan. Fair warning though, much of the latter is incorporated into Star Trek Into Darkness.

    1. Haha, my awards for Blade Runner are actually for the Director's Cut, which doesn't even have the voiceover. It makes the film even more atmospheric. ;) I love that you have Das Boot and E.T. at the top.

      I'll definitely give those a look at some point. I know Abrams essentially remade Wrath of Khan, but I'm curious to see the original version.

  6. Great work here, seriously loving the new design. At first, I got bummed that Fanny and Alexander didn't get nominated for anything, but then I remembered that the film was in contention for the '83 Oscars. Whew. LOVE that Diner wins Screenplay. One of my favorite scripts of all time.

    And hey man, I hope I'm not out of line for suggesting this, but have you thought you listing all of your previous CinSpec posts at the end of your current posts? Reading this one, for example, I wondered if you had done a CinSpec Awards for 1983. Just a thought!

    1. Thanks man! I just watched Diner earlier this week, and I loved it. It just missed my top 5, actually.

      I could do that, but I do have all of my previous CinSpec posts linked on the Awards page. ;) I retitled it 'CinSpec Awards' on the page bar if that helps.

  7. After a couple of years where the pickings were lean I had at least one runner up in every category. One of the best acted films in years, The Return of the Soldier, came out amidst fierce competition, so ended up being improperly rewarded. Had it come out either of the two previous years it would have been my winner in three out of the four acting categories.

    My Favorite Year
    The Return of the Soldier
    Runner-Up-Poltergeist, Shoot the Moon
    Such a varied crop of pictures this year. The worlds of soap operas and live TV that Tootsie and Favorite Year portray are perfectly captured as the gorgeously shot Return of the Soldier does with the repressed class structure of WWI England. E.T. taps into the stuff of fantasy but I prefer the mixing of the almost documentary feel and mystery of Missing.

    Richard Benjamin-My Favorite Year
    Costa Gavras-Missing-Winner
    Sydney Pollack-Tootsie
    Ridley Scott-Blade Runner
    Steven Spielberg-E.T.
    Runner-Up-Alan Bridges-Return of the Soldier, Alan Parker-Shoot the Moon
    Not being a big sci-fi person I'm not over enamoured of Blade Runner but Scott's direction propels it in compelling fashion. Benjamin sets the proper gentle tone for the nostalgic Year, Spielberg displays his special gift for adding a sense of youthful wonder to a story in E.T. and the versatile Pollack sets a jaunty tone in his look into the wacky world of soaps. But Costa Gavras was at the top of his game with Missing and with the help of two master thespians he created a gripping document.

    Alan Bates-The Return of the Soldier
    Albert Finney-Shoot the Moon
    Dustin Hoffman-Tootsie-Winner
    Jack Lemmon-Missing
    Peter O'Toole-My Favorite Year
    Runner-Up-Kevin Kline-Sophie's Choice, Jack Nicholson-The Border
    This might be the first year where I wish I could declare a five way tie in both best actor & actress. I'm going with Hoffman for creating two distinctly different people in Michael Dorsey & Dorothy Michaels but Bates terribly lost amnesiac and O'Toole's debauched Alan Swann are among those two greats best work. The same holds true for the troubled fathers played by Lemmon and Finney.

    Julie Christie-The Return of the Soldier
    Glenda Jackson-The Return of the Soldier
    Jessica Lange-Frances
    Sissy Spacek-Missing
    Meryl Streep-Sophie's Choice-Winner
    Runner-Up-Diane Keaton-Shoot the Moon
    I've only been able to make it through Sophie's Choice once, it's just too emotionally devastating for repeat viewings, but I'll always remember Streep's performance. Without question this is her most deserved award however it was a year full of spectacular work by many other actresses. Lange's work as the tormented Frances Farmer is truly searing and Sissy's quiet, resolute Beth is the exactly right reading of the part. But the two that really stand out for me are by two titans of the British acting world. Both Julie and Glenda are stupendous, even more so for taking on roles that are the inverse of their expected persona. Glenda as the gentle, caring Margaret is quite a change of pace for her from her standard hard driving women and one she does wonders with. Her role skirts being supporting but since the story is about the dynamic between Alan, Julie & she I've put her in lead. Julie manages to make the brittle, haughty Kitty and her limited world view understandable, if not relatable and even at times sympathetic. This is one of my favorite of her performances, she has wordless moments, particularly one at a window, where she seems to be doing so little yet conveys so much. It's beautiful work and she's matched by her co-stars.

    1. Oh, I'll definitely watch The Return of the Soldier at some point. Love those actors. Glad to see Scott get a Director nod. I watched Shoot the Moon right before I posted these, and Finney runs away with Best Actor now. Also, Keaton is a very close runner-up to Streep's iconic turn.

  8. Supporting Actor:
    Charles Durning-Tootsie
    George Gaynes-Tootsie
    Lou Gossett, Jr.-An Officer and a Gentleman-Winner
    Peter MacNicol-Sophie's Choice
    Robert Preston-Victor/Victoria
    Runner-Up-Michael Keaton-Night Shift, David Keith-An Officer and a Gentleman, Bill Murray-Tootsie

    I was inclined towards Gaynes's totally brilliant take on the pompous, forgetful soap veteran John Van Horn in Tootsie, where Durning is likewise memorable but Gossett really is a stand out in Officer & Gentleman.

    Supporting Actress:
    Ann-Margret-The Return of the Soldier
    Teri Garr-Tootsie-Winner
    Dana Hill-Shoot the Moon
    Kate Jackson-Making Love
    Diana Rigg-Evil Under the Sun
    Runner-Ups-Doris Belack-Tootsie, Zelda Rubenstein-Poltergeist, Lesley Ann Warren-Victor/Victoria

    Like her co-stars in Soldier the nearly unrecognizable Ann-Margret does sharp, well-observed work as Bates's conflicted cousin Jenny. Dame Diana storms into Evil Under the Sun with a take no prisoners attitude and for her short time in the picture chews the scenery up one side and down the other with a comic gem of a performance. Kate as the cuckold wife in, for the time, an odd triangle captures all the confusion and anger of the wronged wife. Dana Hill balances all the heavy duty emotions of being pulled between two warring parents with great elegance, she's my runner up but this is perhaps the brilliant Garr's best showcase, every quirk and peculiarity honed to perfection.

    1. Thrilled to see Durning and Hill make the cut. Gossett Jr. is currently my #5, so I expect him to fall out of my lineup in time. Lange kind of wins Supporting Actress by default (given her other - and better - performance in Frances), but I could easily go with Hill. Garr doesn't stick out to me, though I might need to rewatch the film. I've seen Tootsie a few times, but it's been a while.

  9. Ever seen The Entity? Good example for actress, score, VFX, and maybe cinematography ;)

    1. Not seen it yet. When I do, I'll update my ballot accordingly. :)