Thursday, September 5, 2013

Honorary Oscar Winners Announced

The former Oscar host will finally get a statuette.

Breaking news from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: This year's Honorary Oscars will be presented to Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin and Piero Tosi, while Angelina Jolie is being recognized with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Lansbury has been nominated a few times, but doesn't have on Oscar. Martin has never even been nominated, and Tosi has received a number of nominations for his costume work on foreign productions. None of them have won a competitive Oscar, so bravo on the Academy's part. These are all well-deserved, as is Oscar winner Angelina Jolie's Humanitarian Award. If there's anyone who deserved it, it's her.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 16, and should be viewable on the Oscars YouTube channel soon after.


  1. I didn't know much about Honorary Oscars, I only know that Gregory Peck won Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award once. Well, congrats to all!

    1. Yeah, it's too bad they don't include these in the Oscar ceremony anymore. I know it's long, but I wouldn't mind if they recognized the Honorary winners with everybody else.