Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 SoundSpec Awards

Rihanna leads with 6 noms.

Happy New Year! I was waiting in case a surprise album or two dropped near the end of 2016, so here are my music awards for last year. I'll be posting top 25 albums and songs lists this week as well. (The CinSpecs are at least a couple of months away, unfortunately.) Note: You can click on the images to enlarge them.


  1. Y'know, I've always wondered why it seems like the best things from a year, be it movies, books, TV, etc, are always just out of earshot of public consciousness... so odd. I've always barely heard ANY of these albums so I have some work to do don't I? The one album I was super excited for bbut haven't heard cos it isn't streaming anywhere for some reason is called Clearview by my favorite band Poets of the Fall. There was this one single they dropped over the summer in case you're interested ;)

    1. Hope you find some albums you like. I forgot that Poets of the Fall released an album last year. I need to check it out.

  2. Just finished reading Drew's awards. Very interesting to see the similarities and differences between you.

    Both of you have a love for the Tegan and Sara album I just don't get. The whole thing feels generic to me.

    Never heard of Francis and the Lights. You've got me intrigued.

    How come I didn't know MIA released an album? Hmmm, need to investigate.

    Pleasantly surprised to see Chance the Rapper beat out Rihanna AND Beyonce for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Nice. Glad to see ATCQ get a nom, there, too.

    Nice job, as always.

    1. Thanks, Wendell. Yeah, I love comparing our ballots.

      It's interesting that you found Tegan and Sara's album generic. For me, there's a surprisingly mature, introspective piece of work underneath that pop sheen. The songs feel very personal, and I'd say they're far better than most current top 40 pop. But that's me. :)

      Francis and the Lights have a modern Phil Collins-type of sound, so if you like Phil Collins...

      I thought M.I.A.'s album was underrated, and disappeared rather quickly. Hope you check it out.

      Oh, Chance the Rapper is high on my list this year. LOVE Coloring Book. And I think ATCQ's album is better than Lemonade, actually.

  3. JOSH!!!!

    Your inevitable Tegan + Sara slayage made me feel a tiny bit better about last minute dropping them from my top categories. They were so close (and BWU narrowing missed Song for me...Redbone was teetering on getting dropped).

    Um...I was so dead sure we were matching on ROTY/SOTY that your wins were...shocking! Tears, but I'm over it.


    So happy to see Nothing But Thieves snag two wins, and Rihanna at least get UC Song...and I hate that I missed listening to a couple of your noms, but I love when you nom an album/song that was inches from breaking into mine.

    Is this the closest we've been...?

    1. LOL, I was just hoping T&S would get a Mouthi win.

      HOTTN has been my SOTY win for many weeks now, and Somebody Else nabbed ROTY only last month, when I got hooked on The 1975's album. That said, I *really* wanted to give Rihanna another win somewhere, but it would've meant Grande losing her only award - and Rihanna is a multiple winner anyways. :/

      Knew you'd be pleased about Sabrina. Wish I could've found room for Tove Lo, but I couldn't bump Birdy from Pop Album.

      I hated to leave Francis and the Lights winless. Otherwise, Nothing But Thieves or Shura easily could've won a third award.

      The closest we've been as far as nominees? I think so??