Saturday, August 15, 2015

Top 25 Songs of the 2010s So Far

Did Daft Punk really raise the bar?

Inspired by Chris' post of the best songs of the 2010s so far, here are my top 25 favorites. (I might even take a crack at my top 25 albums next week.) I've focused only on the first half of the decade (2010-2014), though no songs from last year actually make the list. Have a listen below.

25. “Make Some Noise” - Beastie Boys

24. “Hold Me” - Tom Odell

23. “Tightrope” - Janelle MonĂ¡e ft. Big Boi

22. “Someone Like You” - Adele

21. “Nightcall” - Kavinsky ft. Lovefoxxx

20. “Closer” - Tegan and Sara

19. “10 Mile Stereo” - Beach House

18. “Let England Shake” - PJ Harvey

17. “Oblivion” - Grimes

16. “Tighten Up” - The Black Keys

15. “Valerie ['68 Version]” - Amy Winehouse

14. “Nuclear Seasons” - Charli XCX

13. “Get Lucky” - Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams

12. “Royals” - Lorde

11. “Bad Girls” - M.I.A.

10. “Ruins” - Portico Quartet

9. “Novacane” - Frank Ocean

8. “Rill Rill” - Sleigh Bells

7. “The A Team” - Ed Sheeran

6. “Out Go the Lights” - Spoon

5. “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” - M83

4. “Lights” - Ellie Goulding

3. “Runaway” - Kanye West ft. Pusha T

2. “Dancing On My Own” - Robyn

1. “A Real Hero” - College ft. Electric Youth


  1. Great work Josh! I know how difficult this is to narrow down so kudos for giving it a go :) The opening to Runaway is incredibly powerful, and as you know, I'm also a fan of the Drive soundtrack. That Portico Quartet track is a great find! Bad Girls by MIA has an unforgettable chorus.

    You reminded me of Tegan and Sara and Winehouse's Hidden Treasures, I've added those artists to my own decade playlist

    ps Thanks for the mention :) To answer your question, yep, I think Daft Punk really did raise the bar with Random Access Memories.

    1. Thanks Chris! :) Glad you like the Portico Quartet track. I'm so glad I saw Drive. Otherwise, I might never have discovered those songs!

      Yay! Love those additions.

      You're very welcome. Haha, I was referencing Pharrell's line in "Get Lucky", but I agree that RAM is a great album. I'm working on a top 25 list for next week, and it's on there. ;)

  2. ERMAHGERD!!!!

    Ed Sheeran, Robyn, Sleigh Bells, Monae, Black Keys, Grimes!!! So much awesomeness here.

  3. Great list. Can’t go wrong with “Nightcall” “Closer” and “Oblivion”. “Bad Girls” is a lot of fun too, and I LOVE all of Sleigh Bells. “Runaway” from 6:09 on is bonkers, some of West’s best work. “Dancing On My Own” is legendary. And of course I adore that “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” cracks the top 5.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like those choices. Knew you'd love the M83 mention. That track is brilliant. Ugh, "Dancing On My Own" is just SO good. Sleigh Bells are the perfect band to turn up to 11. Love their stuff!

  4. Great great list! The variety, just everything about this list is brilliant. I'm so happy to see Dancing On My Own and Bad Girls so high. Plus, Sleigh Bells and Tegan & Sara? Yes.

    1. Thanks so much! I try to listen to a little of everything. Oh, those tracks are brilliant! I should've listed Tegan and Sara much higher. ;)