Friday, August 8, 2014

1971 CinSpec Awards

This year is pretty great, though I have many more films to see. I made images for all of the categories again this week. Note: You can click on the images to enlarge them.

I still need to see films like Two-Lane Blacktop, The Devils, Johnny Got His Gun, The Hospital, Play Misty for Me, Bananas, The Andromeda Strain, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, Death in Venice, The Trojan Women, Drive, He Said, Punishment Park, The Anderson Tapes, The Decameron, The Boy Friend, Kotch, Macbeth, Directed by John Ford, and The Beguiled.

Updated: 3/10/16


  1. As you said, a pretty great year for film! Directors like Kubrick, Ashby, Friedkin, Bogdanovich, Peckinpah, Altman, and Nicolas Roeg put out career highlights.
    While it didn't win awards, I'm a fan of 1971's Vanishing Point(which may have been an inspiration for Refn's Drive and Tarantino's Death Proof )

    1. Yeah, those are all great films by great directors.

      Oh, I haven't seen Vanishing Point yet. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. So much yes here...SO MUCH YES!!!!

    I'm working on these now too. I have about ten more films to see. THX 1138 is actually next on my Netflix queue. I hadn't heard of it till a week or so ago, so I'm really excited to see it listed so high for you! Can't wait to watch it now!

    1. YAY! Glad you approve!

      I couldn't decide on my #5 film in Best Picture, so I put on THX 1138 as I was finishing these up. I forgot how much I love it! Really curious to see how it does at the Fistis. I can't see it doing well in the major categories, but hopefully I'm wrong! :)

  3. The French Connection is a great thriller! I saw it just a couple of yrs ago and was very impressed w/ it, lives up to the hype I'd say. Oh I also want to see Mary The Queen of Scots! I believe it's one of the rare appearance of both former lovers Vanessa Redgrave & Timothy Dalton together on screen [they dated for 14 years around this time].

    1. The French Connection is one of my all-time favorites! I even got to see it in theaters last year. :)

      Mary, Queen of Scots was a little underwhelming, but I did like Redgrave and Dalton.

  4. Great work. I too would rank The French Connection over A Clockwork Orange, so it's nice to see we share that opinion. Dude, I just finished William Friedkin's memoir, The Friedkin Connection, and if you haven't read it, trust me, it's a must read. One of the best memoirs I've read in quite some time.

    1. Thanks man! Glad to hear you also rank The French Connection ahead of A Clockwork Orange. I haven't read The Friedkin Connection, so I'll have to check it out.

  5. Picture:
    Fiddler on the Roof
    The French Connection
    The Last Picture Show
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-Winner
    Connection, Klute and Picture Show are all excellent examples of the new grit that was working it's way into 70's film and Fiddler a rare exception in the unfortunate burgeoning of roadshow musicals into elephantine dinosaurs by keeping its scale on the intimate side. But Wonka is such a unique work, capturing both the wonders of childhood with an underlying drollness that speaks to adults.

    Peter Bogdanovich-The Last Picture Show-Winner
    William Friedkin-The French Connection
    Alan J. Pakula-Klute
    Mel Stuart-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Robert Wise-The Andromeda Strain
    Bogdanovich captures the trapped, slow lingering feeling of an era ending in Picture Show. The black & white photography helps but it's his skill that makes the film so involving.

    Dirk Bogarde-A Death in Venice
    Peter Finch-Sunday, Bloody Sunday-Winner
    Gene Hackman-The French Connection
    George C. Scott-The Hospital
    Gene Wilder-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    I was torn between the brilliance with which Wilder makes Willie Wonka come alive and Finch's insightful portrayal of a man grappling with huge issues in Sunday. I'd love to award both but Finch is so moving I'm going with him.

    Jane Fonda-Klute-Winner
    Glenda Jackson-Sunday, Bloody Sunday
    Vanessa Redgrave-Mary, Queen of Scots
    Jessica Walter-Play Misty for Me
    Tuesday Weld-A Safe Place
    Jane's the clear winner here in one of her seminal performances but this is my favorite film work of Glenda's, her work in the mini-series Elizabeth R is some of the best work by any actress ever, so I hated to bypass her.

    Supporting Actor:
    Jeff Bridges-The Last Picture Show
    Louis Gossett, Jr.-Skin Game
    Richard Jaeckel-Sometimes a Great Notion-Winner
    Ben Johnson-The Last Picture Show
    Roy Scheider-The French Connection
    Johnson's work is beautifully realized but the script gave him so much to work with whereas Jaeckel delivered an equally great performance in the messy, overlong Notion with much less quality material at his disposal.

    Supporting Actress:
    Ann-Margret-Carnal Knowledge
    Ellen Burstyn-The Last Picture Show
    Cloris Leachman-The Last Picture Show-Winner
    Diana Rigg-The Hospital
    Maureen Stapleton-Plaza Suite
    Wonderful work from all but Cloris's ability to leaven Ruth Popper's pathos with slyly unexpected touches of subtle humor while never losing sight of the hopelessness of her situation just can't be beat.

    1. Oh, Willy Wonka is an awesome choice for Best Picture, and I love your acting winners. I still need to see Jaeckel's performance though.

  6. You sure you don't wanna consider Nicholas and Alexandra for cinematography? XD

    1. Haha, I haven't seen the film in years, but I doubt I'd nominate it elsewhere if I rewatched it. ;)