Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Would "Drive 2" Sound Like?

In honor of the great amount of '80s throwback synthpop that I've been listening to lately, I've "written" Drive 2 to create a what-if soundtrack. Bear with me, as I usually don't care for sequels. But this is all in good fun.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Sequel!"

Synopsis: Having left his California life behind, The Driver (Ryan Gosling) is now living a low-key life as a part-time mechanic/limo driver in Miami Beach, Florida. Everything is going fine, until he and his boss's daughter are in a bad car accident in a limo he's driving. He escapes with minor injuries, but her face is busted up and some of her ribs are broken. As it turns out, his boss's brother is a crime boss, who has recently returned to the country. The men aren't happy about how she was treated, so they force The Driver to work for them. He does so partly because of what happened to the girl, but eventually he wants to get out and take her with him. To do so, he must take on her father, his brother, and company to ensure their safety.

"Just when I thought I was out..."

Now, what songs would be used in such a film? Five notable songs - "A Real Hero" (College ft. Electric Youth), "Nightcall" (Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx), "Under Your Spell" (Desire), "Oh My Love" (Riz Ortolani ft. Katyna Ranieri), and "Tick of the Clock" (The Chromatics) - were used in Drive, so I've throw out seven possibilities down below. These could be combined with Cliff Martinez returning with another brilliant score. Also, this is assuming that the sequel would be done in the same style as the first film.

Here are the songs (in no particular order):

Number 1 by Goldfrapp on Grooveshark
Right Back to You by Electric Youth on Grooveshark
Secret Diary by College on Grooveshark

Don't F**king Tell Me What To Do by Robyn on Grooveshark
Too Hurt To Dance by Duffy on Grooveshark
Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy on Grooveshark

*This last track was used in Nicolas Winding Refn's Bronson, but I think it could fit here too.



  1. I can only listen to the first song, the other are white rectangles, it's probably my fault. But I love the song you chose, I think it really stays in tune with the "first" Drive soundtrack. Which is awesome.

    1. Thanks. Hmmm...they're working for me. If you want to check out the other songs, here's youtube links:

  2. OMG, you win at life for including Robyn in this mix!

    1. Haha. Thanks! I wanted to include something like "Cobrastyle" or "Dancing On My Own", but I didn't think they'd be right for the film.

  3. Cool idea for a post, I LOVED the Drive soundtrack, so this is brilliant. That's super imaginative you wrote the outline for a sequel :)

    A little Chromatics should do the job! The entire 2012 album Kill For Love is on soundcloud:

    Actually, did you know Johnny Jewel created an alternative Drive soundtrack he called SYMMETRY / THEMES FOR AN IMAGINARY FILM. Not the best album, but quite atmospheric. I don't think it works unless there is a film:

    Here are a few wildcard songs I'd like to here bits and pieces of in Drive 2:
    Nostradamus and Me - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Jasmine - Jai Paul
    The Theory Of Relativity - Stars
    001: Moons // "Bloody Mouth (Watchtower Version)
    To Look At You - Julia Holter (INXS cover)
    My Plants Are Dead - Blonde Redhead

    Will be listening to your choices next few days, thanks for sharing those tunes!

    1. Thanks. I tried to avoid using the same artists used in Drive, so I didn't include a Chromatics track. However, I really haven't got a leg to stand on there, since I used songs from College and Electric Youth. :)

      From skimming SYMMETRY / THEMES FOR AN IMAGINARY FILM, I love it. I'll definitely listen to the entire thing soon.

      Great choices, Chris. I'm with you. Parts of those tracks would be awesome in Drive 2. Thanks for the tip. I always like discovering new music.

      You're welcome! Glad you like them.