Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Supporting Actor: 1980s

1980: Peter Firth, Tess
Oscar winner: Timothy Hutton, Ordinary People
Was he nominated?: No

1981: Rod Steiger, The Chosen
Oscar winner: John Gielgud, Arthur
Was he nominated?: No

1982: Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner
Oscar winner: Louis Gossett, Jr., An Officer and a Gentleman
Was he nominated?: No

1983: Mickey Rourke, Rumble Fish
Oscar winner: Jack Nicholson, Terms of Endearment
Was he nominated?: No

1984: James Woods, Once Upon a Time in America
Oscar winner: Haing S. Ngor, The Killing Fields
Was he nominated?: No

1985: Christopher Lloyd, Back to the Future
Oscar winner: Don Ameche, Cocoon
Was he nominated?: No

1986: Michael Caine, Hannah and Her Sisters
Oscar winner: Michael Caine, Hannah and Her Sisters

1987: Robert Downey Jr., Less Than Zero
Oscar winner: Sean Connery, The Untouchables
Was he nominated?: No

1988: Kevin Kline, A Fish Called Wanda
Oscar winner: Kevin Kline, A Fish Called Wanda

1989: Denzel Washington, Glory
Oscar winner: Denzel Washington, Glory

Updated: 10/24/14


  1. There's something about the 80s that makes everything look so badass. Some of my favorites there, Caine, Pesci, Nicholson... And thanks to Seth MacFarlane I can't take James Woods seriously anymore.

    Got you an award Josh! I don't know if you do this kind of stuff, but here:

  2. I'm looking for an actors name. In the 80's he had long blonde hair, was tall, had dimples and a long face with a mischievous grin. I picture him with books under his arms, but I can't remember the many movies he was in for a short time. He never was a star, just a supporting actor.
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