Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Wild Girl Waltz (2012)

Tara, Brian and Angie on their day out.

Directed by Mark Lewis
Produced by Mark Lewis
Written by Mark Lewis
Starring Christina Shipp, Samantha Steinmetz and Jared Stern


Independent films are made with love and often go unseen, so it's nice to see one that succeeds, albeit on a small scale. The film features a simple storyline, which takes place in almost real-time. When Tara (Steinmetz) and Angie (Shipp) each take a mystery pill, Brian (Stern) is forced to spend most of the day supervising them. They wander from place to place, discussing various topics while they wait for the drugs to wear off. Not surprisingly, they grow closer in these few hours, even if two of them are on drugs most of the time. The straightforward story works quite well in this indie.

Writer/director Mark Lewis lets things unfold naturally, and the characters are given the focus, instead of the plot. Though the characters aren't the most original, their dialogue allows them to be funny and relatable. After all, the film aims to get laughs, and it does. It's full of one-liners. Not all of them work, but there are an abundant number of successes. More often than not, the actors have an interesting rapport, and they handle the jokes in stride. While the performances feel uneven at times, they do serve the material, particularly Shipp's emphatic turn. If this film has lightning in a bottle, it's Christina Shipp as the goofy Angie, always ready with a funny comeback or gesture. A charming indie with unyielding humor and its own sense of fun, Wild Girl Waltz is a comedy worth seeing.

If you're interested in this film, learn more at: www.wildgirlwaltz.com


  1. I really need to see more independent films, and this one sounds really intriguing. It's hard to focus almost entirely on characters without losing interest in the film itself, but it sounds like it works here! Great review.

    1. Thanks! The humor helped keep my interest, but the film does have some problems.

  2. This is an interesting premise for a movie, and it sounds right up my alley. I love movies that are carried largely by funny and "real" dialogue. Great review!

    1. Thanks! The funny dialogue is hit and miss, but I think most of it succeeds.