Saturday, February 17, 2018

Top 10 Albums and Songs of 2017

Lorde's Melodrama was one of my favorites.

This post has been a long time coming, and I've finally quit dragging my feet. I'd like to do the SoundSpecs at some point, but we'll see. I will add that there's an album on my list that surprised me in the best way. I'm sure you can guess which one. Also, on a movie note: I'm planning on posting the 2017 CinSpecs on the week of the Oscars.

Top 10 Albums:

10. Utopia - Björk

9. Infinite Worlds - Vagabon

8. american dream - LCD Soundsystem

7. Melodrama - Lorde

6. A Deeper Understanding - The War on Drugs

5. Glasshouse - Jessie Ware


3. Harry Styles - Harry Styles

2. Gone Now - Bleachers

1. Antisocialites - Alvvays

Top 10 Songs:

Bonus: (my favorite cover of the year)

"Burn Your Life Down" - Bleachers

10. “Feel It Still” - Portugal. The Man

9. “Bitter End” - Gordi

8. “Up All Night” - The War on Drugs

7. “DNA.” - Kendrick Lamar

6. “Your Type” - Alvvays

5. “Cleaning House (live version) - Vagabon

4. “Cut to the Feeling” - Carly Rae Jepsen

3. “Sign of the Times” - Harry Styles

2. “Miami Still” - Tegan and Sara*

*This is a 2007 demo that was just released last year.

1. “Don’t Take the Money” - Bleachers


  1. Cool shit! Also a few weeks i went to the Brockhampton concert, which was in a former masinoc temple. Pretty surreal. You should check out thier albums tho if you like rap hahaha. Also, this is my all time favorite band, and this seems like it's shaping up to be my favorite album this year already ;)

    1. Thanks! I keep hearing about Brockhampton, but I've never listened to them.

  2. Nice to see love for War on Drugs, my #1 album of 2017. I liked that Alvvays LP too which is top 25 for me.
    Burn Your Life Down cover you shared I find quite moving. Con X : Covers is new to me, and will look into!
    Know you are a fan of pop. Forced Witness by Alex Cameron is a great pop release. Right now, it's my #2 album of 2017. Can listen to it here:
    If you have time to check my blog, I'm gradually sharing my top 50 songs of 2017. Hope to see you there :)

    1. Love the War on Drugs album, and I'm so glad you like the Alvvays one as well.

      The Burn Your Life Down cover ruined me. I love the original, but it made me appreciate Sara's lyrics even more. Hope you like The Con X: Covers. Several great covers on there. I was just happy T&S finally released Miami Still with it. ;)

      Thanks for the link. I need to check it out, as well as your top 50 songs!

  3. Great picks. american dream is a lot of fun, and DAMN is pretty much perfect. Really enjoyed both of those albums.

    1. Thanks man. Love those albums. Listened to them a lot. Did you listen to both versions of DAMN.? Like I mentioned above, I prefer the collectors edition, or DAMN. in reverse.

  4. What an awesome lineup! Love the Jesse Ware love. She's a true gem of an artist. 2017 was a killer year for music. Kacy Hill, Susanne Sundfor, Bleachers...just incredible!