Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Films I Saw in September

Journey to Italy

I only watched a few films last month, so here's a quick ranking.

6. Maggie's Plan

5. A Bigger Splash

4. The Neon Demon

3. Money Monster

2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

1. Journey to Italy


  1. Aside from Journey to Italy which I’d grade the same as you I’ve seen two of these last month as well. Popstar had a few moments but overall I thought it was trying a little too hard to be edgy. I was disappointed in A Bigger Splash because a couple people had raved about it but by the end I was very close to hating it. If the acting hadn’t been so good I probably would have. As it is I’d give it a C-

    I saw quite a bit but only a few that I felt strongly about one way or another.

    The only one I really liked was an obscure film from 1935 called Remember Last Night? It starred the great Edward Arnold along with Robert Young and Constance Cummings and reminded me somewhat of The Thin Man. A comic murder mystery that people would probably throw their hands up in horror at today because most of the cast are portrayed as people who are either drunk, sometimes to the point of blackout, or well on their way but in a light fizzy way. Since it’s set among the fabulously wealthy the clothes and production design is amazing. It was really a most enjoyable watch.

    One that wasn’t a lost classic but a decent film 1938’s A Man to Remember with a really good performance by Edward Ellis, an actor who I’d only seen in supporting roles before. Why it stood out is that until very recently it was considered a lost film until a copy was found in a Dutch vault. Another reminder of the importance of film preservation.

    I saw The Nice Guys and was mightily disappointed in it. I know you loved it but despite the two stars best efforts I just couldn’t get into it. I’d give it a C- at best. I flat out loathed High-Rise, UGH! What a piece of meandering garbage!!

    1. I thought Popstar was almost entirely on-point with its humor, but overall I'd say it's good not great. Fiennes' performance was the highlight of A Bigger Splash for me. But I was probably generous with a B-.

      I haven't seen either of those classic films, but they both sound interesting. I think I might start watching more classic films again in the new year after I catch up on 2016 releases in the coming months.

      The Nice Guys was exactly as advertised for me, and that was enough to love it. I've only seen about 40 films from this year so far, but High-Rise is one of the worst ones. Disappointing, for sure.