Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Films I Saw in November


The Best:

1. Brooklyn - A
2. Spotlight - A
3. Spectre - A-
4. When Marnie Was There - B+
5. Creed - B+
6. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - B+
7. A Canterbury Tale - B
8. Truth - B
9. The Peanuts Movie - B
10. Burnt - B

The Rest:

The Crossing Guard - B-
Daddy Long Legs - B-
The Good Dinosaur - C+
I’ll See You in My Dreams - B
Octopussy - C
Shelter - C+
Suffragette - B-
The 33 - B
Trainwreck - B


All That Jazz - A+
Die Hard - A+
A Few Good Men - A-
Spectre - A-
Spy - B+

24 Films Watched - 19 New, 5 Rewatched


  1. Hope to see Creed really soon. Glad everyone is praising it so much. Need to see Brooklyn, bit it'll probably be a while.

    1. Hope you like them. Creed is very good, and Brooklyn is just lovely.

  2. All That Jazz is one of the best I've seen this year, glad you loved it too!
    I love Octopussy, I've watched it many times and I think it's fun from start to finish, but I know I'm in the minority in the blogosphere.

    1. Octopussy has some fun moments, but it's not one of my favorite Bond films.