Friday, November 27, 2015

10 Underrated Performances from 2015 That I'm Thankful For

Tom Hardy was the best thing about Child 44.

I'm a day late, as I usually post this on Thanksgiving, but here are some of my favorite performances that will probably go unnoticed by awards bodies in the coming weeks. Note: My picks are in no particular order.

Mark Ruffalo, Infinitely Polar Bear

An understated powerhouse, with Ruffalo at his best.

Kiersey Clemons, Dope

The scene-stealer is hilarious in her breakthrough role.

Mark Duplass, Creep

Thoroughly unsettling work from the mostly comedic actor.

Blake Lively, The Age of Adaline

She delivers a mannered, captivating performance, even when the material lets her down.

Jude Law, Black Sea

Scottish accent and all, it’s a quietly intense performance from the Brit.

Jennifer Connelly, Shelter

Though the film falters, she offers devastating work.

Tom Hardy, Child 44

Another internalized stroke of brilliance from Hardy that’s been overlooked.

Raffey Cassidy, Tomorrowland

The breakthrough child performance that everyone forgot.

Joel Edgerton, The Gift

Subtle, terrifying work from the film’s writer/director.

Hugo Weaving, Strangerland

He sells every moment, but the thriller comes crashing down around him.


  1. YES to Kiersey Clemons in Dope :) !!

  2. Great picks! Duplass was such a... creep in that movie haha. And I need to get a hold of Infinitely Polar Bear ASAP. Missed it in theaters and can't find it anywhere now!

    1. Thanks! Duplass is so good, and Ruffalo is amazing. Infinitely Polar Bear will be out on DVD in early January. ;)

  3. Really happy to see Hardy mentioned here. He is excellent in Child 44 and I think the movie is far better than critics and audiences (apparently) believed.

    1. I didn't really care for the film, but Hardy is terrific, indeed.

  4. How was Nicole Kidman in Strangerland?

    1. She gave a solid performance, but Weaving's really stuck with me. The film's a mess, though.

  5. I love these but absolutely YES to Mark Ruffalo, he was so great in that movie.

  6. I'm still only halfway through Child 44 because damn is this movie boring but Hardy is wonderful in it indeed

    1. Yay! Ha, the film is one of the worst I've seen this year.