Thursday, October 22, 2015

Movie Song of the Week

This week’s song comes from the award-winning indie Dope, which features original music from the lead trio’s band Awreeoh. Written and produced by Pharrell Williams, “Can’t Bring Me Down” is the most infectious of the four tracks he composed. The original music is prominently featured throughout the film, though I doubt it will get much Oscar consideration, even if the songs (or maybe just one) will probably be eligible. Check out the song below.


  1. I'm always wondering if Dope will get a critics push come awards season. It seems to be the film that everyone loved that no one is talking about right now...but maybe they will again soon.

    1. It could come back. I'm wondering if the Indie Spirits will recognize it, since it was only made for $700,000. Still, I don't expect the Oscars to go there, but you never know.