Friday, November 7, 2014

Wrapping Up the CinSpecs

After posting 84 years of my personal awards, the CinSpecs are a wrap. For now at least. I'm still going to (slowly) update the rest of my ballots to images, and I'll do a special post every now and then with a heads up on what years I've updated. Also, I eventually want to dig into the 1920's, but that's a project for 2016 at the earliest.

Thanks for all the support. These past couple of months have been hectic trying to get as many of the categories finished, while watching movies left and right. (I'm still catching up with blogs I follow.)

I have a few CinSpec trivia posts in mind, which will be coming very soon, and I'm figuring out what to do next for a weekly Friday post, as I like the regularity of one. In the meantime, you can view all of my CinSpec awards, which are linked here.

With that, I''ll leave you with some random trivia I've assembled.

Note: These stats are subject to change.


Fewest wins for a Best Picture winner: 42nd Street, The Wages of Fear, The Decalogue, Close-Up, Code Unknown, Spirited Away, Caché, Summer Hours (2)


Most wins: The Red Shoes, Vertigo (10)

Lawrence of Arabia

Most wins without winning Best Picture: Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, Apocalypse Now (5)

Touch of Evil

Most nominations without a win: Touch of Evil (9)

Lost in Translation

Best Picture winners that've made a clean sweep: Lost in Translation, Gravity (5/5)

*Note: Persona (7/8) and Hannah and Her Sisters (6/7) both have one loss in an acting category with multiple nominees from the same film.*

2001: A Space Odyssey

Best Picture winners that had no acting nominations: 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Swedish Love Story, Barry Lyndon, The Decalogue, Close-Up, Spirited Away, Children of Men, Summer Hours, Hugo, Gravity

Ernst Lubitsch

Filmmaker with the most nominations without a win: Ernst Lubitsch (11)

Ronee Blakley in Nashville

Nashville's Ronee Blakley is the only actor to win an acting and a music CinSpec for the same film.

Lars von Trier

Directors such as Charles Chaplin, Leos Carax, Jacques Demy, John Carpenter and Tom Tykwer have won music CinSpecs, while others like Clint Eastwood, John Carney, Lars von Trier and Rob Reiner have been nominated in the music categories.

Clint Eastwood

In fact, Charles Chaplin and Clint Eastwood are the only filmmakers to be nominated in Best Director and both music categories.


1940 is the only year that multiple animated films win a CinSpec. (Pinocchio wins Best Song, and Fantasia wins Best Sound.)

*Note: 1988 could be another year, with wins for Grave of the Fireflies and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I don't count the latter as a fully animated film.*

High and Low

High and Low wins Best Film Editing, but there is no credited editor. I guess no one wins?

That's a dozen random stats, but I have more organized trivia posts on the way. By the way, the blog passed 200,000 views recently. Thanks, readers!


  1. Nice! I love your CinSpecs, they brought a lot of good films that I missed to my attention. (like Cache)

    1. Thanks! I love turning people on to new films. (Cache is a great one.)

  2. I'm still working my way through the years but I'm in awe of the project and your commitment to it. I have a tough time just doing the main categories, that you do all the techs too is amazing.

    It's given me so many new films too consider. Some I've watched right away but for most I'm going to have to go back through when I'm finally finished and make a list.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm still behind in some years, but I'm glad I at least have all of those ballots posted now.

  3. I'm so envious of you! You just buckled down and got it all done, and I'm like, still struggling to get even a single decade complete!

    LOL at that High and Low's awesome in so many ways.

    200,000 VIEWS! That's an awesome milestone. I'm just under 191,000 right now. I'm trying to catch up ;-)

    1. Ha, well, I'm still behind on some years. This was just the first run, essentially. But minor updates on some ballots won't be hard.

      I know, right? It's bizarre that NO editor is credited though.

      Thanks man! You post more than I do, so I'm sure you'll pass me soon. ;)

  4. I love the CinSpec series. Again, you deserve lots of praise for getting it all done.

    1. Thanks, Wendell. It was an interesting year and a half.

  5. Congrats Josh!! You've done a tremendous job in these posts. I LOVE CinSpec trivia, keep 'em coming :)

  6. I believe the editor for High and Low was Akira Kurosawa himself. He edited most of his own films but there are many of his films with no credited editor. I have a book by the portuguese cinematheque that lists akira kurosawa as the editor for High and Low.

    And by the way, congratulations on completing your personal awards.

    1. Thanks. It was a daunting task.

      Yeah, Kurosawa is likely the editor, but every site I've visited has no one listed at the moment. I know Kurosawa edited films like Rashomon (which he wins Best Film Editing for). Though, I'm hesitant to reward him since it's hard to confirm.

  7. Great work here buddy. Your dedication to these posts are really commendable. Can't wait to check out the trivia posts!

    1. Thanks so much man. Your support really means a lot.