Monday, January 13, 2014

15 Things to Know Before the Oscar Noms

Host Ellen DeGenres with the Oscar statuette.

It's that time of the year again. Here are a few stats and reminders about the potential Oscar nominations later this week. I tried to pick the less obvious trivia. For instance, I'm pretty sure we all know that actors like Daniel Brühl and Barkhad Abdi would be first timers if nominated. So, I didn't mention them below.

1. If the Best Actress nominees are Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson, it will be only the second time an acting category features five previous winners. (The first time was last year's Best Supporting Actor lineup.)

2. Actor Steve Coogan co-wrote and produced Philomena, which could make him a two-time nominee. (I don't see him getting a surprise acting nod.)

3. Baz Luhrmann won't be nominated for The Great Gatsby, but his wife Catherine Martin could be for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.

4. Alfonso Cuarón could score four nods for Gravity (Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay and Film Editing).

5. Producer Megan Ellison could get two Best Picture nominations (for American Hustle and Her).

6. Meryl Streep could score her 18th nomination, and Emma Thompson could get her first in 18 years.

7. The producers of the Dark Knight trilogy (Charles Roven for American Hustle) and the Harry Potter films (David Heyman for Gravity) will be nominated for Best Picture.

8. Composer Henry Jackman and screenwriter Billy Ray could receive their first nods for Captain Phillips.

9. If nominated, Leonardo DiCaprio will get his second nomination for his work with Martin Scorsese (on their fifth film together).

10. Alexander Payne could be passed over, as he didn't write or produce Nebraska, and he could miss in Best Director.

11. Woody Allen could receive his 16th writing nomination for Blue Jasmine. He already holds the record for most writing nominations.

12. Oscar-less Roger Deakins could score his 11th nomination for Prisoners. Thomas Newman could be in a similar position if he's nominated for a 12th Oscar for scoring Saving Mr. Banks. Both men were nominated for Skyfall at the last ceremony.

13. Composer John Williams could receive his 49th nomination for The Book Thief.

14. Brad Pitt, if deemed eligible, will get his fifth nod for producing 12 Years a Slave.

15. The Coen brothers, David O. Russell and Alexander Payne could have their third consecutive films nominated for Best Picture.


  1. Didn't know Luhrmann's wife did production design and costume design.
    I've said it before, DiCaprio is overdue for an oscar.
    49th nom for Williams, wow!!! I guess he's aiming for 50 lol

    1. Yeah, she actually has 2 Oscars for Moulin Rouge! already.

      If DiCaprio gets an Oscar nod and a BAFTA win, he's definitely got a chance of winning.

      Haha. Williams could get there!

  2. I hope Roger Deakins gets that nomination for Prisoners. He should not be overlooked. Megan Ellison is doing pretty good for a 27 year old. Apparently she has good taste. (and money)

    1. Haha, Ellison had a great 2013, no doubt. Deakins did fantastic work on Prisoners, as usual. I hope he gets in too.

  3. "Emma Thompson could get her first in 18 years." - has this been this long? Wow, that's crazy!

    1. I know, right? I'd be happy to see her nominated again.

  4. Very interesting trivia Josh, thanks for sharing!

  5. Well one thing for sure, Pitt will NOT be nominated in his supporting role in 12 Years a Slave, ahah. He should've just remained a producer in that film.

    My hubby just told me that Megan Ellison is Larry Ellison's daughter, the Oracle founder. Heh, if only I got some rich dad to be able to produce two films a year.

    Great stuff here Josh, thanks!

    1. Thanks Ruth!

      Haha, Pitt's presence in the film doesn't ruin it for me, but the film certainly didn't need him in it.

      It must be nice for Ellison. :/