Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 10 Nicole Kidman Performances

Here's a list for the LAMB Acting School on one of my favorite actresses. Note: My #1 and #2 are interchangeable.

10. The Portrait of a Lady
Role: Isabel Archer
Quote: "I love you but without hope."
Recognition: 3rd place for the NYFCC Award

9. The Hours
Role: Virginia Woolf
Quote: "Do you think I may one day escape?"
Recognition: Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe wins

8. Margot at the Wedding
Role: Margot
Quote: "Stop picking on me."
Recognition: Satellite Award nom

7. The Others
Role: Grace Stewart
Quote: "I'm beginning to feel totally cut off from the world."
Recognition: BAFTA and Golden Globe noms

6. Moulin Rouge!
Role: Satine
Quote: "You're going to be bad for business. I can tell."
Recognition: Oscar nom and Golden Globe win

5. Rabbit Hole
Role: Becca Corbett
Quote: "Somewhere out there I'm having a good time."
Recognition: Oscar, Golden Globe, and SAG noms

4. Dogville
Role: Grace Margaret Mulligan
Quote: "I think the world would be better without Dogville."
Recognition: Bodil Award nom

3. Birth
Role: Anna
Quote: "You're hurting me."
Recognition: Golden Globe nom

2. To Die For
Role: Suzanne Stone
Quote: "You aren't really anybody in America if you're not on TV."
Recognition: Golden Globe win and BAFTA nom

1. Eyes Wide Shut
Role: Alice Hartford
Quote: "I do love you, and you know there is something very important we need to do as soon as possible…"
Recognition: Satellite Award nom


  1. I love her in To Die For the most, but The Hours, The Others and Moulin Rouge! are all tied at the second place. I've started to really admire her over the years.

    1. Me too. She's come a long way from her 1980s appearance on an Aussie soap opera.

  2. Great list! Eyes Wide Shut on number 1 is an inspired choice. I love her work, though lately she is been screwing around with botox so much it became distracting. I'm looking forward to The Paperboy.

    1. Thanks! Her plastic surgery actually never bothered me. I can't wait to see it either.

  3. Josh, my interest in Kidman has waned a lot in recent years. I used to consider her one of the more interesting actresses out there, but now she seems to be slipping. I did enjoy her a lot in The Others and Eyes Wide Shut. There still are a lot of these that I haven't seen yet.

    1. That's understandable, especially once she started doing films like Bewitched and The Invasion. I recommend seeing those films you've missed, Dan. With any luck, you'll discover a new love of her work.

  4. I've never been a big fan of this actress, and now I see why. I haven't seen her in the right roles. ;-) On this list, I've only seen #1 & #7, and I really liked her in both those films.

    I've wanted to see The Hours for years, but I've never gotten around to it. I had it stuck in my head that I wanted to read the novel AND re-read Mrs. Dalloway before seeing the movie. Do you think I might tend to over-think my movie viewing a bit? ;-)

    1. Well, that explains it. ;)

      Haha. We all have our movie watching quirks.

  5. I wish I could do a top 10 but I haven't seen enough of her work so I'm only doing a top 3 for the LAMB event. Oooh you put Portrait of a Lady on here, man as you know I REALLY want to see it. Hopefully the dvd will be out in Dec so I can rent it straight away. Nice to see Moulin Rouge on here, too!

    1. I still have more of her work to see as well. For instance, I meant to see Fur and Malice before I made this list, but I didn't get to them in time.

  6. Yes. LOVE seeing Eyes Wide Shut at number one. That may be my choice as well. Although she really rocked me in Rabbit Hole. Dogville, To Die For... she's a damn fine actress, actually.

    Great picks!

    1. Thanks! Yay! Her performance in Eyes Wide Shut is on my top 10 female performances of all-time list. Glad you approve.

      Yeah, if you look at her filmography, she's given many great performances. I would argue that she's underrated, even if she is an Oscar winner.