Sunday, June 3, 2012

Starting Fresh (Somewhat)

Dear Reader (if there is one):

If you've ever read this blog, you'll notice that I've recently changed many things. For starters, the blog has officially been retitled "The Cinematic Spectacle" from "The Hollywood Spectacle". I made this change because I love modern and foreign films and wanted to focus on more than just classic Hollywood ones. Since the blog looked a bit drab, I redesigned its look as well. Also, I've added a "Reviews" page with reviews from 2012. The reason I did not post reviews for modern films when I started this blog last fall is because this blog originated as a classic movie blog with some Oscar coverage. In recent months, I've moved away from that, so expect new reviews and more posts. I will discuss modern films and classic ones and will still cover the ongoing Oscar race. Essentially, I will post anything movie-related under this new platform.

P.S. - I will also be applying to the LAMB soon.


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