Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Film Editing: 1960s

1960: Breathless (Cécile Decugis)
Oscar winner: The Apartment (Daniel Mandell)
Was this nominated?: No

1961: A Woman Is a Woman (Agnès Guillemot and Lila Herman)
Oscar winner: West Side Story (Thomas Stanford)
Was this nominated?: No

1962: Lawrence of Arabia (Anne Coates)
Oscar winner: Lawrence of Arabia (Anne Coates)

1963: High and Low (No editor credited)
Oscar winner: How the West Was Won (Harold F. Kress)
Was this nominated?: No

1964: Dr. Strangelove (Anthony Harvey)
Oscar winner: Mary Poppins (Cotton Warburton)
Was this nominated?: No

1965: Doctor Zhivago (Norman Savage)
Oscar winner: The Sound of Music (William Reynolds)
Was this nominated?: Yes

1966: Persona (Ulla Ryghe)
Oscar winner: Grand Prix (Fredric Steinkamp, Henry Berman, Stewart Linder and Frank Santillo)
Was this nominated?: No

1967: Le Samouraï (Monique Bonnot and Yo Maurette)
Oscar winner: In the Heat of the Night (Hal Ashby)
Was this nominated?: No

1968: 2001: A Space Odyssey (Ray Lovejoy)
Oscar winner: Bullitt (Frank P. Keller)
Was this nominated?: No

1969: Z (Françoise Bonnot)
Oscar winner: Z (Françoise Bonnot)

Updated: 7/30/14


  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey not being nominated - another position on Academy's list of shame :)

    1. It's more like a novel of shame. :)

  2. The most memorable editing to me is when they cut to something unexpected, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Have you seen Daises (1966)? That has some unique editing too.

    1. 2001 is a great example of that. Another memorable one for me is the cut from the match to the desert in Lawrence of Arabia.

      No, but it looks interesting. I'll add it to my watchlist. Thanks for the suggestion!