Friday, January 29, 2016

Blind Spot: Way Out West (1937)

Laurel and Hardy shine in this classic comedy.

Directed by James W. Horne
Produced by Stan Laurel and Hal Roach
Written by Jack Jevne, Charley Rogers, Felix Adler and James Parrott
Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Sharon Lynn

Plot Summary: After they’re deceived and deliver a gold-mine deed to the wrong person, Stan and Ollie must fight to get it back to the right woman.

Significance: Often cited as Laurel and Hardy’s best film, it was listed #53 in Time Out London’s 100 Best Comedies of All Time, which was published in 2011. The film was also nominated for Best Music (Scoring) at the Academy Awards.

Thoughts: Laurel and Hardy are legendary, and it’s easy to see why they were so successful. As light entertainment for the masses during tough times, the film puts a lovable duo in a predicament and allows the plot to develop and progress quickly. It benefits greatly from being so swift, direct, and simple in its construction. It’s funny, short and sweet; and I loved it. Since this was my first Laurel and Hardy film, I’ve no comparison with their other work, but Way Out West is a fine comedy from the ‘30s. I’d definitely recommend it for classic movie fans.

Rating: A

This is the first film in my 2016 Blind Spot Series, as first started by Ryan McNeil.


  1. Great movie from start to finish. They are so funny together :)

    1. Glad you love it, too! They're a great team.

  2. Oh I missed your Blindspot post. I grew up watching Laurel & Hardy! LOVE them, they're so hilarious. It's weird but we didn't watch any Charlie Chaplin stuff but my brothers and I love these two!

    1. I need to check out more of their films. Loved this one!