Saturday, August 1, 2015

Films I Saw in July


The Best:

1. Amy - A
2. Wild Tales - A
3. ’71 - A
4. Drinking Buddies - A
5. Kings and Queen - A-
6. Desk Set - B+
7. Mr. Holmes - B+
8. Jauja - B+
9. Stage Door - B+
10. It’s a Gift - B+

The Rest:

Ant-Man - B-
Billy Budd - B
Clouds of Sils Maria - B
Dead Ringer - B-
Flirtation Walk - C
It Follows - B
Last Ride (2009) - B
Madame Bovary (2015) - C
Paper Towns - B-
The Ref - C+
Run All Night - C
Southpaw - B
Strangerland - C
Taken 3 - C
Terminator Genisys - B-
The Water Diviner - B+
While We’re Young - C+


After the Thin Man - B+
Bringing Up Baby - A+
Finding Neverland (x2) - A+
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - A
The Terminator - A
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - A
West Side Story - A+

35 Films Watched - 27 New, 8 Rewatched


  1. I really want to see Amy terribly. The praises for it have me so excited.

    It's always a good time to rewatch West Side Story :D though, Finding Neverland an A+? You might be the first person I know who likes that film haha.

    1. Amy is tragic, but a great film. Hope you get to see it soon!

      Haha, I didn't regard Finding Neverland that highly until I rewatched it (twice!) last month. Now I love it! ;)

  2. You saw The Water Diviner!!!!! I need a review from you.

    Also, I'm really anxious to see anxious.

    1. Ha, I'll try to get a review up, then. :)

      Amy is either my #2 or #3 film of the year right now. It's terrific.

  3. That's a pretty nice assortment of movies. Our vacation and vacation 2.0 slowed down my movie watching in June and July. Really having fun getting caught up.

    1. Thanks. Haha, it's always fun getting caught up on movies.

  4. How was Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns?

    1. She's perfectly fine, but I think she's miscast.

  5. I'm curious about AMY even though I'm not as familiar w/ Winehouse at all. I thought you'd rate Strangerland lower as you said it was ghastly, ahah. Have u seen Grace of Monaco? Is it even worth watching at all because it's on Netflix now.

    1. Oh, Ruth, you should check out some of Winehouse's music. Maybe the film would be a good place to start. Strangerland was bad, but I didn't hate all of it. ;) I need to see Grace of Monaco, even if it's bad. I think I might watch that and Diana back-to-back.