Friday, May 11, 2012

Best Supporting Actress: 1950s

1950: Josephine Hull, Harvey
Oscar winner: Josephine Hull, Harvey

1951: Shelley Winters, A Place in the Sun
Oscar winner: Kim Hunter, A Streetcar Named Desire
Was she nominated?: Yes (for Best Actress)

1952: Jean Hagen, Singin' in the Rain
Oscar winner: Gloria Grahame, The Bad and the Beautiful
Was she nominated?: Yes

1953: Gloria Grahame, The Big Heat
Oscar winner: Donna Reed, From Here to Eternity
Was she nominated?: No

1954: Eva Marie Saint, On the Waterfront
Oscar winner: Eva Marie Saint, On the Waterfront

1955: Rosalind Russell, Picnic
Oscar winner: Jo Van Fleet, East of Eden
Was she nominated?: No

1956: Dorothy Malone, Written on the Wind
Oscar winner: Dorothy Malone, Written on the Wind

1957: Ingrid Thulin, Wild Strawberries
Oscar winner: Miyoshi Umeki, Sayonara
Was she nominated?: No

1958: Wendy Hiller, Separate Tables
Oscar winner: Wendy Hiller, Separate Tables

1959: Lee Remick, Anatomy of a Murder
Oscar winner: Shelley Winters, The Diary of Anne Frank
Was she nominated?: No

Updated: 6/29/15

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