Monday, June 19, 2017

2016 CinSpec Awards

La La Land won 6 Oscars, but how'd it fare here?

If you're reading this, I'm sorry I've put the blog on the back burner for the past several months. I still enjoy movies; I just watch less of them, which is why it took me so long to put together my ballot. As always, there are some painful snubs, oversights, and perhaps some head-scratchers on here. I was torn in some categories, but I'm quite happy with the results overall. Last year wasn't one of the greatest for film, though I found a lot to love.

Note: You can click on the images to enlarge them. (updated 12/13/18)


  1. I swear i fet a shiver go down my spine when I saw this! Cool stuff dude, we even have a lot of the same winners! You def gotta watch Sunset Song, and the lack of Nocturnal Animals nods hurts so bad! Still, love it love love it! And great to see you're coming back, if it wasn't for your and Drew's blogs I wouldn't enjoy movies as much as I do now hahaha :)

    1. How are you doing these days dude? It's been dryer then the Sahara here since you and Drew went AWOL :(

  2. Yesss to the Neon Demon in Make Up. The lack of Lion and Hidden Figures though *cries* lol

  3. Great work! Man, I STILL haven’t seen Toni Erdmann, which is lame of me. Your best actor choice is so spirited, “…at least you’re drinkin’ again.”

    Totally agree that Williams should’ve won for Manchester. God, her work in that. Great work all around here!

    1. Thanks! Toni Erdmann was SO good. Gosling just gets better the more I think about him, and I've seen the film a few times.

      Williams is my winner for the stroller scene alone. Plus it's great that she had Certain Women out last year too.

  4. I still need to see quite a few of the noms here before I put my awards together. I especially need to see Manchester By the Sea and Silence. The former is probably top priority because I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that Michelle Williams (whom I adore and is always great) was better than Viola Davis in Fences.

    Really happy to see Moonlight get BP and Jenkins get the win. Cool to see Sanders recognized, also. To be honest, I might have went with Trevante Rhodes, who played Chiron as an adult, instead. And of course, there was Ali. All three were excellent so this is no real complaint.

    Pleasantly surprised to see Gosling rewarded for The Nice Guys. He was awesome in that film.

    Yay, Sing Street!

    Maybe I'm biased because I dislike The Neon Demon, but I thought Star Trek Beyond was head and shoulders above everyone in the makeup department.

    Zootopia is a solid choice. That said, if you haven't seen Kubo and the Two Strings do so at your earliest convenience.

    Great job, as always Josh.

    FYI, I finally did my 2015 awards a few months back...

    1. Moonlight improved so much for me on a second viewing, which easily bumped it to my #1. I actually rewatched it right after it won Best Picture. Before that, La La Land was my winner. (Hadn't seen Silence - now my #2 - yet.)

      Kubo and the Two Strings was ok. The animation, however, was glorious.

      Thanks! Yay, Dellies! :)

  5. I'm glad to see some love for both Silence and The Neon Demon.

    My nominees would be:
    Silence (winner)
    Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    Toni Erdmann
    Hb: La La Land, Manchester by the Sea

    Best Actor:
    Garfield - Silence
    Affleck - Manchester by the Sea
    Mortensen - Captain Fantastic
    Simonischek - Toni Erdmann
    Bridges - Hell or High Water

    Best Acress
    Portman - Jackie
    Adams - Arrival
    Huppert - Elle
    Hüller - Toni Erdmann
    Stone - La La Land

    Best Supp. Actor
    Rhodes - Moonlight
    Ali - Moonlight
    Neeson - Silence
    Neill - Hunt for the Wilderpeople
    Foster - Hell or High Water

    Best Supp. Actress
    Bugnar - Graduation
    Harris - Moonlight
    Jones - A Monster Calls
    Lee - The Neon Demon
    Alidoosti - The Salesman

    1. Love your ballot. I still need to see Graduation and Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

  6. Hey buddy, it's me Drew (Fisti)

    You know I've been checking your blog daily, waiting for these to pop up! Love the La La Land love, obviously, and that Stone hung onto her nomination...and that Gosling win!!!! OMG, didn't see that coming at all. Williams winning!!! All the Neon Demon in the techs! Your score ballot is DELICIOUS!!!! Sad to see Weisz and Adams missing, but tough choices must be made.

    1. Drew!? omg where you at dude? We miss you all so much!

    2. Hey Drew! La La Land is wonderful, from top to bottom. Gosling just kind of landed that win soon before I posted these. I rewatched The Nice Guys, and I couldn't shake his performance. It's an odd win, but I adore it. So glad you love my Score lineup! I decided to give the songs - and John Carney - from Sing Street the love there, since I prefer those to the ones from La La Land. (And since I really wanted to honor Fade Out.)