Thursday, June 2, 2016

2012 SoundSpec Awards

Jessie Ware co-leads with 5 noms.

Here's my last ballot update with some changes and new categories (Best Urban Contemporary Album and Song). I'm working on 2009 right now, so I'll hopefully have that posted next week.

Note: You can click on the images to enlarge them.


  1. YASSSSS!!!!

    LOVE the Kendrick love. So happy upon a revisit you loved the album. SO HAPPY to see Sundfor pop up. LOVE that album so much.

    Of course, the Ed wins are LEGEND.

    Muse! Santigold (even if I vastly prefer her debut album)! Ben Howard!!!

    1. :D

      Kendrick's album is amazing. So glad I revisited it! Sundfor's album almost missed, but I'm happy she made it.

      Ha, Ed would've had another win if I didn't move Jessie Ware to Pop.

      I still need to check out Santigold's debut. It's too bad that Ben Howard isn't bigger in the U.S. :/

  2. Want U Back! That song is so ridiculous but it's catchy and I love that it's got one of the bitchiest messages of all time. I still listen to that quite a bit. Rihanna's Diamonds, I know that song got a lot of hate, but I always really liked it.

    1. LOL, Want U Back is my jam! Her whole first album is ridiculous but catchy. Oh, Diamonds is SO good. It was awesome to see it used in Girlhood.