Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 10 Most Iconic Movie Characters (Relay)

My pal Alex from And So it Begins has passed me the baton in the latest blogathon relay from Nostra at My Filmviews.

Here are the rules:
A list of 10 iconic movie characters has been made. That list will be assigned to another blogger who can then change it by removing one character (describing why they think it should not be on the list) and replace it with another one (also with motivation) and hand over the baton to another blogger. Once assigned that blogger will have to put his/her post up within a week. If this is not the case the blogger who assigned it has to reassign it to another blogger. After you have posted your update leave the link in the comments here and I will make sure it gets added to the overview post.
I debated choosing several characters that were either actual people or lifted from literature. Granted, characters like Vito Corleone, Scarlett O'Hara and D.H. Lawrence are very iconic, but I chose to select an original contribution to film instead. Where to go from there? I ended up going with a classic horror character.

Who Stays

Rocky Balboa

James Bond


Indiana Jones

Mary Poppins

Ellen Ripley

The Tramp

Darth Vader

Dorothy Gale

Who I'm Removing

The Terminator

This robotic force of destruction is an iconic character, no doubt, but I'm not sure that it (or some of the other characters on this list) is more iconic than a certain figure from the horror genre. Though I'll admit the Terminator is a forced to be reckoned with, my replacement is arguably just as powerful and just as iconic, if not more so. Essentially, I'm replacing one killing machine with another.

Who I'm Adding

Michael Myers

Myers is just as recognizable as the Terminator, and he's more frightening because he's a human psychopath who could find his way to your neighborhood. He's not metal. He's flesh and blood, a damaged little boy who's grown into a monster (who can't be killed for some reason). His horrifying killing spree is legendary in cinema, and his image from the first Halloween film alone is known to movie fans and the general public alike.

Who Gets the Baton Next

I'm going with someone who always makes interesting choices for these things - Brittani from Rambling Film. Have at it!

Who Has Already Participated

Nostra from My Filmviews
Keith from Keith & The Movies
Ruth from FlixChatter
Andrew from A Fistful of Films
Sati from Cinematic Corner
Alex from And So it Begins


  1. You guys work fast!

    I'll be honest, when I read Michael Myers, I thought you were going to put Austin Powers on the list and I almost peed my pants.

    Great choice, even if I'm really not familiar with the character, since I've only seen the original and that awful one with Busta Rhymes. Still, he's iconic for sure!

    1. Thanks! Haha, I haven't posted much on the blog so far this week, so I figured I'd go ahead and get it done. :)

  2. Thrilled to see a horror icon here but I'm still incredibly shocked Hannibal is not yet on the list! :)

    1. Ooh, Hannibal would be a great addition!

  3. Nice choice! I love that there's a horror icon on this list now. Now to think of something good...

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Love the swap. It's funny, John McClane and The Terminator were the two I considered giving up, and I initially wanted to replace one of them with an iconic villain. Then Dorothy popped into my mind, and all that was blown. Ha. But still, I love Michael Myers making an appearance. He is an iconic of horror, certainly.

    1. Thanks man. Your pick was spot-on, as Dorothy is probably more iconic than Michael Myers.

  5. Glad to see horror represented. I'll admit though, before scrolling all the way down I was expecting Norman Bates and secretly hoping for Jason Voorhees, lol. Myers is definitely Iconic so no real complaints.

    1. I stayed away from Bates, since his character comes from a novel. Voorhees would be a nice addition, but I've always preferred Myers' character.

  6. It's interesting that you say Michael Myers is the flesh and blood killer, and because of that he's more frightening. In some ways, The Terminator felt like a more tangible threat - ie. you could dismember him, take his nuts and bolts and mechanics to pieces, to destroy the threat. Myers was unstoppable, you couldn't kill him, so he became a supernatural threat that felt like it could get at you anywhere. I think this is what made him more frightening. Good choice.

    1. Good point. I just meant that Myers' killing spree could actually happen, which makes it (and him) scarier.

  7. Nice addition! I was waiting for a horror icon to show up, and I was hoping Michael Myers would be the one.

    Also, not a bad decision to remove The Terminator, but I think Ripley should have gone first. Aren't opinions just great?!? ha