Friday, April 19, 2013

Oscar Predictions Week: Day 5

Will Hong Kong's entry be Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmaster?

Welcome to the fifth and final day of a special week of early Oscar predictions! I've teamed up with Fisti (of A Fistful of Films) for a series of dual posts covering our thoughts on the upcoming Oscar race. I'll include both my comments and predictions, as well as Fisti's. Be sure to check out his full commentary on his blog.

So, today we're looking at two more categories: Best Foreign Language Film and Best Animated Feature Film.

Can Camille Claudel, 1915 get some Oscar traction?

Best Foreign Language Film:

My Take:

Camille Claudel, 1915 (France)
The Grandmaster (Hong Kong)
Hannah Arendt (Germany)
The Past (Argentina)
Unforgiven (Japan)

None of these are likely to get in, but I found some titles to "predict", regardless. Eligibility is a huge issue, as I don't know if these countries will submit these films as their entries or whether or not these films even qualify for submission. Others I found were I'm So Excited (Spain) and Santa (Lithuania).

Fisti's Take:


Let’s be honest; predicting this category in April is rather ridiculous, but it’s fun to try and get as many predicted as possible... The most nominated country is Germany (with six mentions), followed by Canada (with five). After that we have Austria, South Africa, France, Sweden, Denmark, Algeria, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Netherlands and Poland with multiple mentions... I think that France, Germany and Canada are good bets considering their track records. After that, I’m hedging bets for Japan. I have a feeling that we’ll see someone new this year, but I can’t put a finger on who.

We both have Argentina, France, Germany, and Japan represented in out predictions. While I've gone for a film from Hong Kong, Fisti thinks Canada's entry will be nominated instead. But, this early, it might be just as well to disregard these predictions.

Monsters University: "You can't stop what's coming."

Best Animated Feature Film:

My Take:

Monsters University

Monsters University. That is all. The rest will be rewarded with a nomination. Frozen, Planes, and Epic are good bets, but Turbo could easily be replaced. I'm not sure by what, though.

Fisti's Take:

Despicable Me 2
Monsters University

All I know is that Monsters University is winning. Like, can we just etch the name on the statuette and hand it off already... After that though, I’m not so sure. I think Epic will happen. It looks like the type of film that performs well here. I’m not so sure of the foreign offerings in this category as of yet, and I’ve seen The Croods (that ain’t happening) and have no faith in Turbo.

We both see Monsters University winning, and we feel that Epic, Frozen, and Planes will probably be nominated. Right now, I'm saying Turbo, but Fisti sees Despicable Me 2 getting in. What to take from this? Monsters University is your Oscar winner.

Hope you enjoyed this week of early Oscar predictions. You can see my complete lineup on the Oscar Predictions page now. Updated predictions coming soon.


  1. Epic looks really good, I'm going to a press screening in mid May so hopefully it delivers. I do hope Pixar can craft a good story about Monsters U, I guess they have sequel cred from Toy Story, ahah.

    1. I'm interested in Epic, so I hope it turns out good. Pixar did well with the Toy Story trilogy, but there is still Cars 2 to consider. ;)